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Professional exterminator about his profession

the professional exterminator

The profession of an exterminator is dangerous. Not everyone will dare to save people from the invasion of insects. We decided to ask the professional exterminator about the peculiarities of his profession. Welcome! Expert on the destruction of cockroaches and termites, master getting rid of fleas and bugs, fearless fighter with rats and mice, the founder of the famous Perth company Pesti Pest Control – Dror Snir!

About the profession

How did you become an exterminator? Why did you choose this profession?

D.S.: Since childhood, I passionately love to solve problems. And in Perth, insects are really a big problem. Warm weather and excellent climate like not only us, but also pests 🙂

About the pests

What kind of pest you’ve seen in our area? Who is the most difficult to remove?

D.S.: Termite is the most prominent in Perth and the most difficult to remove… Even the newest house can be infected with termites. That is why we offer our customers the service of checking the house before buying. And know that termites can appear everywhere. We know the means to prevent their occurrence and will be happy to tell you about them.

Who’s the prettiest?

D.S.: Spider so beautiful… In Perth, a huge number of species of spiders and almost all of them are special. Perth spiders – a different story! Often spider bites are dangerous, but caution can ensure a safe life.

What dangers are there in your profession?

D.S.: Poison bugs.

What is the most difficult thing in your profession?

D.S.: Be on time with the client. Rats can mess up the wiring, termites destroy entire houses! The sooner we get to the client, the less damage the pests will have time to cause to the property. There are many pests in Perth. But we have a rule for everyone!

About the most important

What insects are the most dangerous for the inhabitants of Perth?

D.S.: If we are talking about bites, the most dangerous is the red-back spider. However, the danger is and fleas that just do not give to live. Nasty neighbours – rats, to live with which is very unpleasant and dangerous. If you look closer, the danger is almost all the insects of Perth. And sooner or later you will want to get rid of them 🙂

Share with your neighbors three safety rules for each day from the manufacturer of a professional exterminator!

D.S.: 1. Be careful always!
2. Do not put your hands in the dark holes.
3. Write down my number next to the police and the ambulance.

About personal

Do you have any Pets?

D.S.: NO  :)))

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