are over 1000 licensed pest control operators to choose fromTermites are highly destructive and the thought of an infestation is usually scary to most people. Because repairs are usually costly if they are not done in time. It is also important to note that termites are always around. And thus, your home is always at risk of being infested by termites without regular termite inspection.

A termite inspection by a qualified inspector will help you prevent or minimize your home damage by detecting an infestation at the earliest possible sign.

Some of the signs that indicate termite infestation

  • mud-like material lines,
  • swarmers,
  • mud tunnels that may contain broken mud particles,
  • piles of wings,
  • damaged wood,
  • live termites among other signs.

To minimize the likeliness of termite infestations, it is important to ensure that your home is inspected by a professional pest control operator at least once every year. In addition to a professional inspection, you should also be on the lookout for any signs of termite infestation.

You should regularly check the trouble spots closely to help deal with the problem before the termites can do any damage. When inspecting, you should give more attention to the crawl spaces and exterior and interior surfaces of the foundation. Especially where wood is on or near the soil. If you detect any signs of infestation, you should contact a professional pest control operator to carry out thorough termite inspection as soon as possible.

How to choose a professional termite control service

It is important to note that termite control companies are not the same. To find the best service provider, you should consider the following factors.


Asking your friends, colleagues, and relatives who might have had a termite inspection for referrals. Will give you options that you can use to start your search. However, instead of only asking the names, it is also important to ask about their experience with the company.

You can also start your search by looking for reviews online. The best pest control Perth company that you can really depend on are those that are owned and operated by independent individuals or family owned like Pesti Pest Control Perth.

Check our Google review online, Google allows allow real people to post their experiences without censorship, and it’s rather difficult to put fake reviews onto Google business reviews. Reading reviews on providers’ websites is not reliable as providers will only post positive reviews.

Licensure and expertise

The least you can do before hiring an expert is to confirm that you will be dealing with a licensed, experienced termite expert. You do not someone who is not licensed or qualified to start digging around your home foundation. As the damage can be worse.

Should ensure that the expert belongs to a local pest control association and has some form of pest control education. It is also important to ensure that the expert has a good reputation. In addition to carrying out termite inspection and extermination, the expert should also have good communication skills.


The worst mistake you can do is to ask an exterminator to inspect your home without signing any formal contract. Before the contractor can start doing anything, you should make sure that everything is written down to help you gauge each stage for quality.

It is also beneficial to look at our offers and service guarantee. At Pesti Pest Control Perth, get termite inspection when you book a general pest treatment.

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