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Hearing scratching in the roof? Get expert rodent removal and control to ensure your property is rat and mouse free!

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Once our pest control specialists are finished with your property all rats and mice will be removed!

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Ongoing and effective rodent control ensuring that your property is free from damage.

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We pride ourselves on specialist rodent control & removal, having over having over 15 years of experience in the business.

Rodent Control Pesti Pest Control Perth

Rat & Mouse Removal Perth

Professional & Affordable Rodent Removal

Pesti Pest Control Perth are leading residential & commercial rodent removal specialists. Ensuring all properties are hygienic and rodent free with affordable, fast and effective rodent control. Experience years of industry knowledge & trust with your rodent control from Pesti Pest Control Perth.

Rat & Mouse Control Perth

Perth's Rodent Control Specialists

If you just need peace of mind or have a rodent infestation damaging your property, Pesti Pest Control Perth will eliminate rats and mice with eco-friendly, efficient and  affordable service . Working in the industry for over 10 years we systematically, inspect, treat and maintain your property with innovative and environmentally friendly pest control treatments. Call Perth’s leading pest control specialists and schedule a booking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seeing rats running around your house can be very upsetting. Rats will grasp any chance to enter your house in search of food and shelter. For this reason, you should make your home as unattractive to rodents as possible. Here are some ways to fend off rats and avoid infestation:

  • Blocking entry points. For example, plugging up entry holes with a gap filler.
  • Starving them out their food sources by placing outdoor trash bags in secured metal bins. Also, keeping food in metal or glass airtight containers.
  • Getting rid of garden weeds and pruning branches that hang over your roof.
  • Further, keep gardens debris-free. For example, if you pile organic mulch, don’t include food waste; unless you want to summon them.
  • Keeping your house clean and tidy means there is limited space for vermin to hide.

If all fails, call in a professional pest controller.

Pest control is the regulation or management of a pest population. Pest populations need to be controlled because they are detrimental to the ecology, economy, and human health.

Pest control in Perth usually means exterminating the pests, and treating the surrounding. Some of the most common pests in the area include rodents, spiders, bed bugs, fleas, and ants.

Ever heard something scratching or gnawing in the night? You might be accommodating mice. Homeowners in metropolitan Perth are most likely to see mice in winter. As it is cold out there, food runs out fast. But then, there’s your house to be occupied by mice that need a bit of shelter, your dinner leftovers, and warmth.

To exterminate mice:

  • Set traps. Use a combination of glue traps and bait traps to increase the number of rodents caught. This is especially useful if some rodents are keen on particular types of traps.
  • Use bait. Mouse bait entails everything used to draw rodents to your traps like chocolate or peanut butter. Poison baits are equally useful but are riskier. If placed the wrong way, they may be dangerous to pets and other people.
  • Get a cat. Rats can detect when a cat is in the vicinity and will steer clear of your home. If a rat shows up at your house, your cat will attack and kill it fast.

Mice are ingenious animals and will use any home they set foot in to raise their families. And that could be your house. Mice look for the most accessible entry points to your fortress, which they may find. All thanks to their keen senses.

Apart from being excellent swimmers, these climbers can jump up to one foot in the air. Mice enter houses through holes and cracks found in floors, walls, and foundations. They may also find their way into your home through gaps in the ceilings, windows, or even sewer lines!

Mice can also enter your house via sealed drainage pipes, bathtub drains, and sinks. Moreover, they can come in through holes around gas lines.

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