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How To Prevent Termite Infestations?

Protect from Termite InfestationIn need of pest control Perth? Knowing how to protect your home and valuable possessions from termite infestation is important, especially when summer is around the corner. Termites thrive in the warmer months, and once they invade and start feeding on the foundations of your home or expensive furniture, getting rid of them can be difficult.

Termites can be extremely destructive. Moreover, they can be hard to detect due to their minuscule size. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out frequent pest removal inspections and take appropriate measures after conducting a termite test and identifying their presence.

Save yourself time, money and frustration. Here are five things you can do to protect your home against termite infestation.

Home Protection Methods for Termite Pest Control Perth

Get Rid of Clutter:

Decluttering your home is an organic termite treatment that can go a long way in preventing and combatting termite infestations. What do termites eat? Materials that contain cellulose and nutrients required for their survival.

Therefore, if you have unused wood, paper, cardboard or debris piled up in a particular room or space, be sure to get rid of it.

Eliminate Moisture:

Moisture is known to attract all kinds of pests, including termites, so this is another thing you will want to get rid of in your home for termite eradication and prevention. Invest in a dehumidifier to decrease moisture in humid environments. As we head into summer, switch on your air conditioner to maintain a cool indoor temperature.

Fix Your Leaks:

If you have any leakages or decay in your house, get that fixed up as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have to call in professionals for pest control Perth. Look out for decaying roofs and walls carrying moisture, particularly in dingy areas. Basement leaks can be especially problematic. This is because the ground is easiest for termites to access.

Expose Infected Items to Sunlight:

Place furniture and items with termites in the sun for three days. While termites tend to thrive in warm temperatures, they cannot tolerate the heat of direct summer sunlight. It kills them off, in addition to removing moisture and preventing re-infection. Consider using a termite repellent pest spray before taking items back into your home.

Keep Soil Away from Wood:

To discourage termite attacks on your home foundation and furniture, ensure that there is a distance between the soil and wood in your garden. There should be a distance of at least 46 centimetres for effective pest control Perth. You can separate soil from the wooden areas and create physical barriers using stones, cement, fencing and garden edging products.

Pest Control Perth Companies Near Me

Looking for professionals to carry out regular pest termite inspections and treatments at your home or place of business? Do you have a termite infestation that requires immediate attention? We’ve got you covered. Our pest removal company specialises in termite prevention and eradication. Contact Pesti Pest Control today for more information, tailored advice and a free, no-obligation quote.

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