Bedbugs Treatment in Perth, WA

Bedbugs bodies are thin and flattened that allows them to hide in small gaps and cracks. They feed on blood and prefer to bite humans and other warm blooded animals.

Bed bugs Perth are night predators that attack human blood when they are asleep at night in their beds. They not only bite humans but also lay hidden eggs under your pillows, mattresses, bed frames, loose wallpapers and in the walls.

They come out at night, feed on your blood, leave a mark and return to their hiding spot to digest it. They rarely come out in the morning unless if they are dying of hunger.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs, look thoroughly in the areas they like to hide.

Our Bedbugs Treatment Services

Pesti Pest Control’s bedbug treatment for Perth homes includes removing mattresses from bed frames and a complete and thorough check of the bedroom.

Treating your bedrooms for bedbugs quickly is very important to stop them from breeding out of control and spreading to other areas of the home. Infested areas should be treated with an appropriate and safe insecticide to kill these blood sucking pests.

Many synthetic pyrethroid products are available for bed bugs treatments. However, if you feel that you are unsure of which treatment to use or if that infestation has spread out to other areas of the home, then you should get in touch with Pesti pest Control Perth for and inspection and treatment as soon as possible.

Bed bugs can often be difficult to eradicate because their hiding spots are hard to find or inaccessible. Treatments may be required to be repeated to insure complete eradication from your home.

We recommend being very thorough while vacuuming, and if possible heating the infestation area to at least 60oC using a steam cleaner. Also if possible, seal all exposed clothing materials in an air tight bag and send it for disposal.

Pesti Pest Control’s bedbug treatment is thorough and professional. A warranty is also available. Contact us today if you require treatment for bedbugs. We service the Perth metro area and surrounding suburbs.