Spider Removal & Spider Control in Perth, WA

Spider control, there are many species of spiders here in Perth, Western Australia along with some very poisonous ones as well.

Spiders usually prefer to live in dark places with a dry atmosphere. These places include underneath roof gutters, inside window frames, under fence capping and inside roof voids. Other typical homes and webbing areas include pool fences and gates, clothes lines, bins, letter boxes, under pergolas and more.

Spiders are well-known for the intricate webs they spin to trap their prey, usually other arthropods or insects. After their prey has been trapped by the web, a spider will use its venom to kill their victim before eating.

Spiders almost exclusively feed on other insects; so if you have a lot of spiders in your home, it is a clear indication that there are other insects present as well.


Our spider pest control services includes dusting of the roof void were they commonly nest. We residual spray all external areas around gutters and eaves, along fence lines, pergolas, around windows and door frames and all other associated places where spiders are likely to reside.

If you are having problems with spiders or would like to treat your property for spiders please contact Pesti Pest Control today to arrange an obligation free quote.