Flea Control in Perth, WA

Flea control, fleas can generally be found in your pet’s bedding and resting areas. Animals of all kinds can easily catch fleas, especially wild animals. Wild animals nesting in roofs or under porches often lead to fleas spreading to pets and may result in a flea infestation of your home.

Once fleas have been noticed in the home, either from bites or visibly seeing them on your pets, they must be controlled in time. Fleas have also been proven fatal for animals in extreme cases.

Sanitization, insecticide application and on-animal flea control are the three steps through which your home and animals must go through to completely rid your home of fleas.

The house needs to be thoroughly cleaned and treated in order to remove any larvae or pupae from the rugs, carpets, sofas and beds where pets have access to.


Pesti Pest Control will eradicate fleas by treating the internal of your home, spraying along skirtings and all carpeted areas. Any associated areas were your pet spends most of their time are also treated using and insect growth regulator.

This treatment blocks development of the flea larvae and is applied to carpeted areas, any furniture where pets reside, and inside cracks and crevices on hard floors.

Pesti Pest Control will also provide you a flea treatment certificate for tenants vacanting properties as required by their real estate agent.