Rodent Control in Perth, WA

Rodent control, rats and mice are attracted to your home and garden in search of food and shelter, and are more likely to enter your home in the colder months.

Rats can pass through a hole or gap as small as 12mm wide, and mice can even squeeze through 6mm gaps!  They seek to build nests for their young,  and are capable of producing ten or more pups every three weeks under ideal conditions.

Rats and mice can be harmful to you and your home.  They can transmit diseases such as salmonella via their droppings and urine, via a direct bite, through your pets, or even through the fleas they carry.

Rodents often cause damage to property and homes through their continuous gnawing action.  They often chew through electrical cabling which can causing fires through exposed electrical wiring.  There is often damage to decorative and other timbers in roofs, walls, skirting boards and ceilings.

Rats and mice often destroy vegetable gardens and fruit crops in backyard gardens.

Being nocturnal they are not often seen. The usual signs that you may have a rodent problem include the evidence of droppings and urine, noises in the dark (such as scratching sounds in the roof), evidence of gnawing, or finding nests or piled nesting materials in hidden areas.

Pesti Rodent Control Services

For successful control of rat and mouse populations, one needs to know where these rats and mice are nesting, travelling and feeding.  Correct placement of traps or baits based on typical rodent behaviour is critical to ensure the desired result.

Pesti Pest Control technicians have the training and experience to quickly and effectively rid your home of rodents.  Your technician will discuss your situation with you, then carry out an inspection of your property, placing bait stations in carefully chosen locations to achieve maximum results.

In preparation for your rodent treatment, and to minimise the risk of re-infestation, please note the following:

  • Store all pantry items in plastic containers – especially grains and flours
  • Keep pet food and water bowls clean when not in use
  • Store all pet foods in containers with tight-fitting lids


Our Termite Inspection Services

Pesti Pest Control provides a safe, effective and personalised inspection service as every property is different. If you are thinking of having a termite inspection then contact the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.