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Commercial Pest Control in Perth

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When pests invade your business, it’s bad news for everyone. Customers and clients are unlikely to appreciate their presence and your employees won’t feel comfortable either. Because of this, banishing them as soon as possible is necessary. With our approach to pest control in Perth, your business will be back to normal in no time.

What types of pests affect commercial environment?

Almost any pest that can affect your home can also impact a commercial environment. From spiders and flies through to cockroaches and mice, you need to watch out from them all. Some of the most common pests include:


When mice invade, they leave tell-tale signs such as droppings and they chew everything in sight. Using mouse control techniques, we can keep them away and prevent them from returning.


Although not all spiders are dangerous, you have good reason to be afraid of some of them. Our spider pest control techniques vary according to the threat. We use custom solutions for different species to yield the best results.


When a wasp builds its nest on your business premises, it’s likely to deter customers. Using professional wasp removal in Perth is the best way to stay safe. Attempting to remove the nest yourself could anger the wasps and make the problem worse, as well as increasing the risk of harm.


Cockroaches give the impression that a business is uncared for and unclean. We provide cockroach control in Perth with lasting results.


Rats are always bad news for a business, especially when you serve food. Calling on our rat exterminators in Perth allows you to minimise downtime. We’ll move swiftly so that you don’t lose too much revenue.


Adding a termite barrier to your business is always wise, especially if the property includes wooden structural elements. Our termite treatments include mesh barriers and sprays that deter the pests from returning.

How we tackle commercial pests

If you’re looking for budget pest control in Perth, you’re in the right place. Our approach to pests involves performing a thorough assessment of your business. Once we’ve identified the pest at hand, we’ll provide a custom treatment plan. Each plan prioritises moving swiftly while maximising efficacy, so you don’t need to worry about business downtime.

At Pesti Pest Control, we believe that the best pest control in Australia focuses on prevention as a priority. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what you can do to prevent pests returning.

Preventing pests from returning to your business property

After your business has dealt with the threat of pests, it’s unlikely you’ll want to see them again. Although exact pest control tips vary between industries, we can make the following recommendations:

Tackle points of entry

Close of any points of entry that pests can use. This is an effective way to prevent mice and rats from attacking. You may also want to use vent meshes, as they prevent rodents from gaining access.

Maintain high hygiene standards

Allowing crumbs to scatter everywhere without cleaning them up attracts rodents and cockroaches. Make sure all staff members clear away after themselves in kitchen areas. Discourage people from eating at their desks.

Remove debris from the perimeter

If there’s debris near the perimeter of your property, remove it. This includes areas that the public can’t access. Pests such as spiders, ants, and termites love to nest in debris. When they no longer want to use it as their home, they’ll move onto your building.

Use preventative sprays

Ongoing maintenance sprays and treatments are the only effective measure in ensuring pests don’t return. Remember by the time you notice pests at your commercial property they have already established themselves.

At Pesti Pest Control, we offer commercial pest control in Perth. If you need us to help your business, call 0412 485 957.

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