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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Here's a guide on what you can do to get rid of cockroaches.They’re creepy, they’re dirty, and they’re a health hazard. Cockroaches are some of the most disgusting creatures in the planet. Ironically, a cockroach is also one of the hardest pests to kill. Here’s a guide on what you can do to get rid of cockroaches.

3-Step Guide to Easy Residential Pest Control

Step 1: Prevention is better than cure

It’s easier to prevent cockroaches from coming into your home than killing them once they’re inside. Proven cockroach deterrent steps include:

  • eliminating food sources in and around your home;
  • cleaning your kitchen thoroughly;
  • disposing garbage properly;
  • eliminating water sources like leaky faucets, wet sinks, and sweaty pipes;
  • getting rid of hiding places like cracks and crevices;
  • preventing them from entering your home by using long-lasting pest control chemicals on your home’s exteriors, etc.

Step 2: Use natural cockroach killer tactics

Despite your best efforts, sometimes cockroaches do get in. What should you then? You can set up cockroach traps or use natural pest control ingredients like:

  • baking soda;
  • boric acid;
  • fabric softener spray
  • bay leaves;
  • lemon peels or juice;
  • coffee traps, etc.

Step 3: Call in the big guns

Cockroaches reproduce fast and they reproduce a lot. One roach can lay hundreds of eggs and the each roach from those eggs can lay hundreds more. It’s like a disgusting version of a pyramid scheme. If you see one roach in your home, consider it an infestation. Call licensed pest control companies immediately. They have the knowledge, experience, treatment plan, and pest control equipment best suited for the kind and level of infestation you have.

Cockroach control is very important to health, sanitation, and safety of your family. Follow these simple steps to keep them at bay. Or just call us! Controlling and eliminating cockroaches in Perth, Western Australia is something we really know how to do.

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