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What you need to know about Common Australian House Spiders

We share this part of the planet with some of the deadliest and scariest animals. Ranging from massive, redback to white-tailed species, Australian House spiders fall in the category of the most venomous species in the world. They possess cocktails of chemical compounds that can have devastating effects on the human body.

Can you die of a spider bite? The answer is absolutely yes. Though there are anti-venoms for most of the spider poisons, the pain is tremendous and can easily land you in the hospital. How harmful the spider is is determined by the time it takes to kill. Some spiders take only five minutes to permanently alter your body organs and cause death. Others take as long as three days for the bite effects to manifest. 

Spider bites can be more dangerous whenever there is a delayed medical service. Some of the symptoms include; nausea, slow heartbeat, convulsions, blurred vision, vertigo, cramping in the abdomen and hypothermia. In the male, some spider bites can result in a long-lasting erection that is overly painful. 

In reality, not everything that you see in your yard is harmful. Some species are just scary but they won’t hurt you. While others result in painful bites than are non-poisonous. Therefore, before deciding on the method of spider control measure to go for, prior knowledge about which species is venomous is important. Here are some of the species to watch out for:

1. Redback Spider

Among the poisonous species in Australia, this spider lives near humans. The redback is often found in garages, outdoor woodpiles, sheds and under toilet seats. It is estimated to bite over 2,000 people each year. 

The redbacks venom is conceivably dangerous. It is known to affect the nervous system. Initial signs of their bite include localized sweating, escalating pain, nausea and vomiting. 

2. Wolf spider

Since they have got a bigger appetite, wolf spiders are often found wandering on the ground, especially at night. This is a non-aggressive spider and runs very fast when disturbed. Their bite is painful and can cause itchiness, nausea, dizziness and rapid pulse.

3. White-tailed spider

Although the white-tailed spider likes to live in leaf litter and under logs, they often enter human houses. These wandering hunters roam about at night, eating other spiders. 

Though not aggressive, their venous bite causes mild pain, and possibly neurosis-scientific evidence refutes this assertion. 

Spider Bite First Aid

Children, senior citizens and those with cardiovascular disease are at greatest risk if they are bitten by a spider. However, most spider bites do not necessarily need first aid. Nonetheless, apply ice as a redback spider treatment and seek immediate medical attention if symptoms persist. And if you can, catch the spider for identification

Pest Control Perth

While many spiders are harmless, an influx in their numbers necessitates control using both chemical and non-chemical measures. To treat spiders, examine your home to find their area of interest. Then, apply an approved spray control to the affected regions. Such areas would include gutters, baseboards, soffits, walls and paths. 

Keep in mind that it is much easier to deal with spiders when they are not at your home yet. To avoid the bugs in summer, it is advisable to undertake pest control measures just at the end of winter. 

At Pesti Pest Control Perth, we are a team of esteemed experts with outstanding skills in spider control. With decades of experience in the field, we have a deep knowledge of the most poisonous spiders in Australia. We also appreciate how unique every project is and the most efficient spider eradication method to use for each species. Choose us for the most competitive and cost-effective pest control in Australia. 

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