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Common House Spiders In Perth

Know Your Spiders, Perth!Australia is renowned internationally for its venomous spiders. From the world’s allegedly most dangerous spider the Sydney Funnel-Web, to the utterly creepy Australian Tarantula and many more. While most of the thousands of spider species living in this country are perfectly harmless (and fascinating to scientists), there are some that are poisonous. And in the case of funnel-webs and redback spiders, even lethal.

The good news for Perth arachnophobes is that you won’t find funnel-webs in our part of this great southern land. However, redback spiders are an all-too-common sight. Since 1979, there has only been one fatality from a spider bite. The bad news is, the spider in question was a redback!

Meet the Redback

They make their homes in nooks and crannies around the state. And they prefer to live near people, because the insects they feed on are drawn to lights and waste. You’ll often find these unwanted cohabitants in dark, dry, sheltered places: under deckchairs, in sheds, even in children’s sandpits.

On average, two thousand patients are hospitalised from redback spider bites every year in Australia. So recognising this spider and minimising risk is critical. Only the female redback bites. And she’s timid – she will bite to defend herself or when disturbed. But largely she’d prefer to avoid humans as much as we’d like to avoid her. She’s also quite easily identified, with long delicate front legs and a red/orange stripe on her abdomen, and a red/orange hourglass shape on her underside.

By taking some precautionary measures such as checking first before reaching into your mailbox, shaking any items you’ve left outside, and wearing gloves and shoes while gardening. You can reduce your chance of a spider bite – and by seeking medical attention if a bite occurs, you can generally prevent damage. But you shouldn’t have to resign yourself to cohabiting with a colony of dangerous spiders. Just you can contact the spider treatment experts at Pesti Pest Control to make sure that your family can enjoy playing in the backyard without fear of ending up in the ER.

But wait, there’s more!

While redbacks are the only lethal spider you’ll find in Perth, there’s several other spiders to be wary of. The white-tail spider and black-house spider both have a very painful bite, and we often carry out spider treatment for these nasties. Huntsman spiders pop up in homes (and memes) regularly, and it’s likely that most Perth residents have had a shock from these terrifying creepy-crawlies. However, while they certainly look like the stuff of nightmares, looks deceive. While they do have a painful bite, they are deemed low-risk.

You’ll also often spot Daddy-Long Legs in homes across Perth and the country. Think of this spider as being man’s best friend. They pose no danger to humans whatsoever, and they have even been known to kill huntsman and redback spiders. Despite not being the prettiest of houseguests, they’re not half-bad to have around.

If you’re finding a lot of spiders in or around your home, it’s worth keeping in mind that they may not be your only pest problem. Spiders’ main diet is other insects! Spiders tend to have a very bad reputation. But they also play an important role in keeping harmful insects such as mosquitos at bay. Think of them as nature’s pest control. In fact, spiders eat more insects by weight annually then the weight of the entire human population! So don’t give in to arachnophobia – by knowing your spiders. You’ll be able to recognise and avoid the species that are harmful, while valuing your friendly neighbourhood spiders for the great work they do.

Perth spider treatment: safe and easy with the professionals at Pesti!

Because spiders tend to recolonise, DIY spider treatments are generally only effective in the short-term. And without the benefit of specialist knowledge these treatments often only make a dent in your spider problem. Our spider control solutions are quick, safe for your family and pets, and considerate to the ecosystem.

If you’re having problems with spiders, get in touch with Pesti Pest Control to arrange an obligation-free quote. We’d love to help you get back to enjoying your home and backyard, redback-free.

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