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Superior pest control with commercial pest control services

Pest control is a necessity for anyone who owns or manages a property. From termite killer and bird control programs through to mice prevention and rodent control, superior pest control demands multiple solutions for specific problems. Without appropriate inspection and management, common pests can damage your business and harm your income. Enlisting commercial pest control services is the best way to ensure a safe and pest-free workplace. 

Termite control 

Termite infestation can disrupt your business and cause serious destruction to your timber work. Before applying termite killer, it’s important to have your property inspected by a professional. A commercial pest control team will look for signs of damage and infestation, including weak and hollow timber, cracks in paint and plasterboard, and termite nests or droppings. 

When evidence of infestation has been found, professional treatment can then be applied. Depending on the size of the premises and the extent of the problem, local pest control operators may decide to use physical barriers, chemical barriers, or a termite reticulation system. 

Bird control 

Bird nests and infestation can cause serious damage to your workplace. Pest bird species such as pigeons often gain entry to a place of business through damaged roof tiles, open doorways, or loading bays. Along with causing noise pollution and general disruption, pest birds can also dislodge roof tiles, block gutters, and build nests that corrode building materials.

The aggressive nature of some pest bird species can also be a problem for businesses, as can their potential to spread diseases through fleas, mites, and ticks. Effective bird control includes a variety of physical barriers and bird repellents. 

Pest and rodent control 

Mice and other rodents can cause serious problems to businesses in Australia. These pests can multiply quickly and are known to contaminate food and other materials through their droppings. Mice and rats are also known to cause damage to building materials, including plumbing systems, soft timber, and electrical cables. Commercial pest control services have a number of ways to deal with mice and rodents, including physical barriers, sonic devices, and exterminator services. 

Methods of Commercial pest control 

There are many ways to prevent and control pests in your workplace, including barrier systems which prevent entry to specific places, physical bait systems, on-site pesticides and fumigation, and sonic pest control devices.

  • Physical barriers 
  • Chemical barriers 
  • Pesticides 
  • Fumigation 
  • Sonic pest control devices 
  • Mosquito exterminator devices 

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