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How To Spot Signs Of Termite Infestation

Commercial Pest Control: Getting Rid of Termites Early and for GoodTermites are an expensive and catastrophic nuisance. Every year, they wreak millions of dollars worth of havoc. How can you protect your property? Effective termite pest control relies on early detection and eradication by an elite pest control team.

Infestation Signs: When It’s Time to Call the Pros

The trouble with termite nest and colonies is they only reveal themselves when they’ve already caused irreparable damage.

Nevertheless, there are signs that you have an infestation in your hands. These include:

  • termite ants
  • wood that gives off a hollow sound
  • wood tunnels
  • droppings
  • flying termites
  • warped wood
  • moldy scent
  • buzzing sounds from the walls

When you see any of these, it’s time to call either an independent building inspector or your local pest control companies.

Should You Call a Professional Termite Killer?

It’s tempting to develop a DIY budget termite control approach. However, it can do more harm than good.

Here are some very valid reasons you should leave pest control to the professionals:

  1. Expertise. Identifying the infestation is one thing but identifying the appropriate treatment type is another. Pros go through pest control courses for knowledge and experience on how to tackle specific problems.
  2. Tested Solutions. Pros have an arsenal of solutions to respond to the specific infestation at hand.
  3. Safety. Pest control products contain poisonous chemicals. Applying the products require training and experience.
  4. Investment. DIY pest control are vulnerable to failure. Professional pest control services will save you time and money in the long run.

A termite infestation is an unpleasant experience. It can also be a health hazard so it has to be addressed immediately. Whatever the level of infestation you have, the wisest course of action is always seeking professional help.

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