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Pre Home Purchase Timber Inspection Perth

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When it comes to timber pest inspection in Perth, we’re amongst the best. Our meticulous approach to ridding wooden structures of pests always yields excellent results. If you need a team that’ll perform a rigorous examination of the timber structural components of your property, come to us.

Why use our pre-purchase property inspection?

Most mortgage providers require a pre-purchase property inspection before they agree to finance a property. This includes a report on the timber structures of a property, which can soon weaken if they’re infiltrated by pests such as termites. Most mortgage providers will require a pre-purchase property inspection that focuses specifically on timber, which should remain exclusive of the bricks and mortar elements of a property.

You may also want to use these types of inspections when you suspect a building’s timber structure is weakening. Or, if you identify the signs of termites or wood beetles in your furniture. Requesting a rapid inspection can prompt you to seek a pest removal service sooner rather than later.

What do timber pest inspections in Perth involve?

The right type of timber pest inspection in Perth will feature the following components:

  • The material that’s used
  • Whether there are any pests present in the timber
  • The condition of the material
  • Access details

If your timber pest inspection in Perth reveals any pest activity or damage, it’ll provide further details about where these features are.

What are the consequences of pests remaining in timber?

The type of damage pests inflict differs according to what they are. For example, although rats don’t consume timber in the same way as termites, they can wreak structural damage by gnawing at joints and weakening the areas the joints support. Termites will directly eat away at timber, which can include everything from wooden floors through to roof joists. Other pests such as ants and beetles produce various effects but can overall weaken the property structure.

How much does pest inspection cost?

Pest inspection costs tend to vary between projects. For an accurate estimate, the person who’s carrying out your timber pest inspection will need to visit your property to determine how much wood they need to assess. An overall building inspection report cost may also vary according to how easy it is to access your property. If you want to know more about timber inspections in Perth or if you need someone to visit your home, call us on 0412 485 957

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