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Commercial Pest Prevention

bugs and termites are a menace to any Commercial property and business owners all around here in PerthWhat’s worse than fire and theft? A pest infestation at your Commercial Building in Perth. While you are slaving away at your business ensuring that everything is running like clockwork. Your staff are kept productive and your accountant is kept at bay as you are profitable. There’s one aspect that is often overlooked here in Perth – unwanted guests lurking around your Commercial or business premises.

A bigger threat than your competitors

Yes, unsightly bugs and termites are a menace to any Commercial property and business owners all around here in Perth. They do more harm to your reputation and are a bigger threat to you than your competitors.

The size of your premises really doesn’t matter as whether you run a small deli or a towering hotel. They can get through any tiny crack or crevice and move from one area to the next very swiftly.

And it’s not just limited to your business either.

Fact is…

Parasitic pests like stray rodents or cockroaches do not discriminate. Just about every public property from Schools and childcare centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and shopping centres are prone to an infestation. They can ill afford to have even the slightest bit of contact with the public as the ramifications are quite a serious matter. Due in part to the business cost as well as stirring up frenzy from all the bad publicity or media coverage you would get. Not to mention Social media!

Part of the problem with any pest infestation if left undetected for long period of time it’s almost impossible to assess without completely dismantling of the affected and unaffected timbers. And very few contractors will work on the task without an open-ended cost approach.

With damaged stock and equipment, economic loss can be severe. Especially if materials have already entered the supply chain, and need to be recalled before customers and consumers have become involved.

Some preventative measures you can take

One of the most important factors in preventing any pest infestation is keeping your premises spotless at all times. Apart from that, you are leaving a great impression on your customers. When they walk into your showroom, shop, or office that smells great it’s certainly more inviting for them to do business with you. Moreover, it’s a great way to build trust with new clients as first impressions count.

To keep your business in pristine condition here is a list of places that should be kept clean at all times

  • Waiting rooms
  • Lobbies
  • Restrooms
  • Pantries
  • Swimming pools
  • Storage shelves

Failing that Pesti offers total security and peace of mind to property owners and managers.

So we just don’ expect you to take our word for it. Here’s what our recent clients had to say about our Commercial Pest Control services.

If you need to rid your Commercial property or business of Termites and Bugs and regain your building back again talk to us today and we will help get your business back to a pest-free zone.  Call Pesti Pest Control Perth NOW.


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