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Pest Control in Perth – Termites

Pest Control – Termites

As one of the creatures you may dread seeing after a building and pest inspection, termites soon wreak havoc. Using the right pest control services, you can free yourself from them and restore normality to your property. At Pesti Pest Control we provide pest control in Perth, WA. If you suspect termites have infested your property, it’s time to learn more about them.

What are termites?

There are three different types of termites. Drywood termites, dampwood, and subterranean. They usually arrive early in the spring and you may mistake them for flying ants. They vary in terms of the damage they can inflict. Subterranean termites can soon drive up your building and pest inspection cost, especially when they’re left untreated.

Where do termite infestations occur?

Termites are usually drawn to wood, which includes any wooden structures that support your home. They love to invade wooden structures near your home, including branches and wooden debris. Some termites love spending time in moist areas, especially those that live in the soil.

What damage can termites do?

When they’re at their worst, termites can inflict severe damage on your property’s structure. If your home isn’t supported by wooden structures, termites may still enter through cracks and crevices and begin feasting on your floors or furniture.

Some of the commonest signs of termite damage include:

  • Floors, walls, and ceilings that buckle in a similar way to when water damage occurs.
  • Visible mazes and burrows inside your floors or wooden furniture.
  • A mould or mildew-like smell in your property that you can’t explain.

Because termites can cause expensive damage, it’s important to not tackle them alone. Using a professional pest control service is the best way to free yourself from them and can prevent expensive property repairs later on.

How does termite pest control work?

There are lots of termite pest control methods available and the type we use depends on the infestation you’re facing. We offer fumigation in Perth, plus we can introduce termite traps and treatments that prevent them from returning to your property.

Wood treatment

If we believe that termites are infesting areas of wood, we can use a variety of methods to tackle the existing colony and prevent new ones appearing. Injected sprays and foams are our most popular treatments. These treatments and options are reported during pre-purchase house inspections.

Termite traps

Also known as bait systems, termite traps are installed around the perimeter of your property. It’s an effective way to free yourself from termites and it destroys existing colonies.

How can you prevent termites?

Once you’ve experienced your first termite infestation, you won’t want to see another one. Some of the best ways to prevent termites include:

Prevention before building a home

The best way to prevent termites is by using treatments before building a home. Methods such as termite mesh and eco-friendly pest control go a long way.

Remove wood and cardboard from the area

If there’s lots of wood and cardboard close to your property, remove it. They act as an initial port of entry for termites.

Make sure your gutters drain effectively

When water is allowed to pool in the area and cause excess moisture, subterranean termites are more likely to occur. Check your gutters periodically to make sure they drain effectively. If the water is pooling near your home, ask a professional to direct it elsewhere.

Watch where you plant your plants

Ideally, you’ll keep all plants at least a few feet away from your property. If you want them closer, consider using raised beds or large pots.

Turn off outdoor lights at night

Some termites are attracted to lights. If you have some attached to your home, turn them off at night to prevent termites from getting too close.

If you need a pest control service in Perth, we can help. To learn more, call 0412 485 957.

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