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4 Facts About Termites!

Discover Our Termite Inspection Services.Pests never seem to completely go away no matter what you do. And most often than not, your methods do not work because you’re using the wrong method on a specific pest. Or you’re not sure what kind of pest is infesting your home. A lot of home owners get confused especially with insects as some of them look very similar except for some distinct features. And if you’re not an expert, you can get confused pretty easily.

This article will inform you of some important facts about white ant termites. And how to easily recognize them so it will be easier for you to detect a termite infestation in your home.

1. A white ant termite comes in varying forms and appearances, depending on the role. In a colony, there is a worker, a soldier, the eggs, the queen and the swarmers. The queen produces eggs that mature into workers and soldiers as the colony grows. As the name suggests, soldiers guard the colony’s nest against attackers or invaders like ants. They have a larger head than workers and are fewer in number, but they have strong jaws.

2. White Termites are in constant need of water. When their surrounding dries out, they die. They mostly need water for their nesting place to help them build mounds. Otherwise, they mix their saliva with the soil.

3. Their mounds can go as high as 20 feet tall. Subterranean termites nest underground or above the ground. They can dig through a mud tunnel to find food sources. Colonies can live for long years and may grow a million individuals in one colony. Termites build intricate galleries and chambers inside their mounds and place their queen and king in a special cell in a deep part of the mound.

4. The queen is bigger than the king. A colony is established when a queen decides to join a mating swarm. The queen maintains and increases the population of the colony. After mating, she stays in one spot to lay eggs. And her body expands as she produces around 2,000 eggs per day. A queen white ant termite can live up to 25 years.

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