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Professional Termite Treatment Process

The inspection begins by checking out all of the areas where these pesky insects can gain access to your home and reach potential food sources.The first step in termite treatment Perth residents rely on is having a full inspection done. The inspection begins by checking out all of the areas where these pesky insects can gain access to your home and reach potential food sources.

That termites eat

Did you know that termites eat more than just wood? Everything from paper to fabrics and furniture. Even your shoes! – is at risk from these tiny chompers as they chew through your home.

Termites are small creatures that are seriously social. They live in vast underground colonies that often hold millions of insects. There are winged termites that live in the colony. Job it is to go in search of food and a new site to establish a colony. Once they find a new home – like your home! They can lay as many as thirty thousand eggs a day.

When searching for termite treatment Perth residents will find that the area is an ideal terrain for these dangerous pests. So it is important to find the right people for the job.

Start with a termite inspection

Each customer should search for termite treatment Perth. And they will find a number of different companies who should be willing to come out and give a cost estimate along with referrals and information about their licensing and bonding to put the clients mind at ease. Client should be sure to ask questions about what work will be completed and when. Who will be completing the work. How the contractor will stay in touch with the client. And of course, what the project will cost. Before agreeing to anything, there should be a written contract that specifically outlines what work will be done, the cost, and the completion date. Never work with a contractor who is not willing to provide this information.

Once the contractor gets to work…

The first thing he or she will likely do is to complete a termite inspection, also called a white ant inspection. This involves finding our where termites are getting into the home and what damage, if any they may have already done. It is important to communicate with your contractor and let them know if you have seen any damage or noticed any damage to furniture, clothing, or shoes before they get to work to help ensure they don’t miss anything.

After the inspection, the contractor will provide a report that lets the customer know the results of the termite inspection. If the customer is lucky, there won’t be any termite damage. But due to the conditions in Perth, there is always a danger that these pests may enter the home. Be sure to listen to the contractors tips on preventing termite damage to your home.

If the contractor does find damage to the home…

That’s when the real work begins. The contractor will likely recommend a strategy to repair any existing damage, if necessary. As well as a method for removing any current insects as well as repelling any future insect problems. Termite poisons, called termaticides, are a popular solution, and are both effective and budget friendly. Once the termites are gone, the contractor may suggest a bait monitoring system to help ensure that new pests do not make their way inside.

No matter what the results of your termite inspection are, finding a way to protect your home from termites. Is one of the most important things you can do for your biggest investment. When looking for termite treatment Perth residents have many choices. So finding a reputable contractor is an important part of your home maintenance plans.

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