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Spring Pest Control Tips

We’ve come out of winter now here in Perth. At this time of year, your property may vulnerable to swarms many insects of bees, ants, mosquitos. As the temperature rises, many insects which have been overwintering become active. And will find their ways into and around residential and commercial properties in Perth and across Western Australia. That’s why we enjoying the extra hours of daylight, the chirping of baby birds, the bright Spring blooms of your garden… And not enjoying the multitude of pests that come with the warmer months of the year. Make sure you take the time this spring to insect-proof your home so that you can improve your chances of spending this season free of unwanted pests. Make sure you take the time this spring to insect-proof your home so that you can improve your chances of spending this season free of unwanted pests.

Spring is often thought of as a time for “spring cleaning”, a time when we come out of winter and start anew and afresh with a major annual clean. That’s why we getting in early by dealing with insect life in and around your home is much easier in Spring than it is in Summer. Then when the bugs have had a chance to grow their populations. So while you’re hunting down dust in every nook and cranny, make sure you take the time to insect-proof your home so that you can improve your chances of spending this season free of unwanted houseguests. And if these pesky pests do manage to get past your best defences, Pesti will be at the ready to support your spring cleaning with a home that’s clean of the many pests that are active this season.

What to expect this Spring


At this time of year, your property may vulnerable to swarms of bees. We’ve written before about the critically role that bees play in the ecosystem, and that these swarms are looking for a home. So they’re likely to move on after a day or two, but if they seem to have decided to settle down in your backyard, or you have children, allergies or overly curious pets, just give us a call and we’ll help you move them on.


Or as we jokingly call them, the great Aussie bird. Flies are at their height in summer, and you’ve no doubt spent many a Christmas BBQ swatting at them. However, by Spring they’re already likely making a start on irritating you in your own backyard. Of course, they’re more than annoying: they can also carry typhoid, E.Coli and salmonella, making you sick.

A few ways you can fend them off include installing fly-screens, removing fly breeding sites through general home and yard housekeeping, and growing plants in your garden that they dislike (mint and nasturtium are particularly easy to grow, and effective at keeping flies at bay). As experts in fly treatment, Pesti can also come out to your premises, inspect potential breeding sites and help you develop a tailored fly control program to suit your home and your needs.


Mozzies aren’t only a summer problem – by working on mosquito control early in the season, you can reduce your encounters with these painful and potentially dangerous menaces.

Mosquitos hibernate during winter, and simply wake up in the warmer months. So once you’re feeling like you’re ready to enjoy your backyard, they’re probably ready to enjoy you. Female mosquitos can lay literally hundreds of eggs every few nights. So your first step should be to remove breeding sites i.e. stagnant water in/around your home. Sometimes, these sites may not be obvious. You should adjust eaves and rooves so that they drain quickly, ensure that your pool is well-chlorinated, and add mosquito-eating fish to any ponds in your backyard.

Citronella is an effective mosquito repellent. But it only repels the local mosquito population – it won’t kill them. If you want a serious solution to your mosquito problem, it’s best to get in early before the population becomes established by seeking professional mosquito control treatment, so you can enjoy those lovely Perth Spring and Summer nights mosquito-free this year.


As you’ve no doubt seen from experience, ants can be a problem year-round. And while an effective spring-clean can make a big difference in terms of prevention, once an ant colony has set up in your home or backyard, they’re very hard to move along. Ants are attracted to living near humans because we provide rich sources of food. And with the populations of urban ant colonies ranging up to 100,000 ants, it’s very hard to permanently rid yourself of an ant problem once you have one – DIY treatments are only of limited effectiveness.


Again, a year-round house pest which prefers to make its home near humans. Rats and mice can carry disease by leaving urine & droppings in and around your home, and even have a nasty bite and may carry fleas. They can also cause property damage by chewing through everything from your electrical wiring to the timbers in your house! While you’re particularly likely to find yourself cohabiting with these vermin during the cooler months – when they come seeking a warm shelter – you may also find yourself with a rat or mouse problem any time of the year.

Rats can pass through a hole or gap as small as 12mm wide, and mice can even squeeze through 6mm gaps. So while you’re spring-cleaning, keep an eye out for gaps to fill in order to reduce entry. While you’re at it, keep an eye out for the usual signs that you may have a rodent problem: the evidence of droppings and urine, noises in the dark (such as scratching sounds in the roof), evidence of gnawing, or finding nests or piled nesting materials in hidden areas.

Sooner = better!

Whether the pests in your home are of a furry or flying variety, you’re best off nipping the problem in the bud before the heat of Summer comes with exploding populations of your unwelcome guests. Pesti Pest Control are Perth’s seasoned experts in pest control, so that you can rest assured and enjoy your home and backyard, pest free.

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