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Termites are wood eating insects that live in colonies can cause serious damage to your house. Because termites leave the outside of the wood intact to maintain the moisture inside their tunnels, they can do major structural damage to a building with very little visible signs until it is too late.

Trmites it is damage to Australian homes

Each year, termites do from $80-100-million in damage to Australian homes alone. The cost of repairs is often a major expense, but most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover repairs. Paying the pest control Perth price is a great way to ensure your home is protected from their damage.

Multiplication process of termites

Termites live in colonies that often have millions of residents. As the colony continues to grow, winged termites often fly away to form a new colony. Both males and females take flight in this multiplication process. Once they find a new location, the female becomes a queen. In order to populate the new colony, she produces as many as 30,000 eggs daily.

Two methods pest control

When pest control companies treat a property for termites they usually choose one of two methods. With the barrier control system, they apply a chemical around the perimeter of the house. Some of these barriers are undetectable to termites, but when brought back to the colony where they live, cause the entire colony to die. Other detectable barriers are unpleasant to termites and cause them to seek their cellulose meals elsewhere.

A second method of termite control involves small wells with cellulose bait. Initially, the bait is untreated. Pest control technicians monitor the bait in the wells for termite activity. If they discover termites eating the cellulose, they act quickly using termite killing chemicals to protect the home.

Choosing a pest control company

Termites attack approximately 20 percent of Australian homes at some time. Perth is one of the areas of the country’s highest termite problems. When choosing a pest control company, it is essential you choose one that does an effective job of protecting your home. One method that works well is to ask for referrals from the companies you are considering. Take the time to call the references the company supplies and ask them about their experience in working with the company. If the references cannot vouch for the company, move on to another and begin the process again.

Always choose a company that is insured, bonded and licensed. While these are no guarantee of good work, companies that take the time to obtain a license and pay for insurance and bonds are more likely to provide a good job. Without these three instruments, you have no guarantee that the company is applying anything other than water to your property.

Once you select the company with which you want to work, ask for a written proposal. The bid should include all materials and labor required to apply the protective barrier or install the wells and monitor your property. Reputable companies gladly provide these written proposals.

If you discover termites at work in your home, avoid disturbing them. Call for a professional termite exterminator to provide the pest control you need to save your home from damage.

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