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If you are looking for a termite control contractor you can trust, you may find the following six suggestions helpful.

Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family for referrals and then do a personal interview with the companies. Narrow your selection to a couple of suitable options and then ask the top on your list for references to contact. Call those references about the Perth pest control company and ask about their experience with the service.

Ask for a Cost Estimate for the Project

If the references check out, ask the Perth pest control company to give you a cost estimate. The estimate should include the cost for the entire project, including materials and labor.

Express Your Availability

Communication with the pest control contractor is important; however, there is a right time for the company to call you. Do not hire a company that calls to leave messages or interrupts your schedule outside the hours you set. Unless there is an emergency, pest control contractors should not contact you outside the hours you specify. While the work the contractor does is important, he should respect your time at work.

Maintaining Good Communication

Communication with your termite contractor is a two-way street. You should talk about the details pertaining to the extermination and control of termites on your property. Every detail, no matter how small can affect the success of the extermination project.

Ask for a Signed Written Contract

Projects should never be started until you have every detail in writing. The contract should clearly define the milestones along the way that you can use to determine the quality of work the contractor is doing. When checking references, be sure you ask about the contractor’s ability to meet the criteria stated in the contract and finish the job in a timely manner. Ask that the contract is written so you as the client have the right to daily inspections. It should also include a detailed plan stating how the contractor provides quality work during each stage. As the project continues, there should be options for your endorsement during its various stages.

Confirm Expertise and Licensure

Ensure the contractor you choose is insured, licensed and bonded. Also, make sure he is an expert in termite control with good managerial experience. Contractors should have a track record that is without blemish. If the contractor provides good results but is less communicative while he works, you may need to exercise patience and be available to provide input as it is required for the completion of your termite extermination.

Termite Inspections

Your Perth pest control professional can provide a full inspection of your property for termites by looking for points of access to the building. He locates the potential problems for the property and addresses them for your own peace of mind. The expert in termite control also reports any problems along with the available control options. If your home is free of termites, the pest control professional offers tips for prevention along with advice to keep termites out of the house.

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