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How To Control Mosquitos In Perth

struggled with mosquitosMost of us have struggled with mosquitos at some time, with many balmy evenings ruined by bites! From packing mosquito sprays on family holidays, to organic pest control solutions we’ve read about online. To putting out mosquito repellents for yards and crossing our fingers that they’ll be effective, from… There’s plenty of options out there, but not so many effective or long-term mosquito treatment solutions.

If mosquitos are taking over your backyard, you’ll know the pain of not being able to truly enjoy your home in peace. Even worse, mosquitos in some areas of WA carry dangerous diseases such as the Ross River Virus, putting many Western Australians at risk. That itchy bite can lead to months or even years of sickness!

But the good news is, the team of expert profesionals at Pesti Pest Control are ready and waiting to help you win the war on mosquitos!

Mosquitos: a nuisance, and a health hazard

Mosquitos are a very common insect which are a familiar sight in Perth, across the country and far beyond. They’re easily recognisable by their slender, segmented body, pair of wings, and three pairs of legs. The females of the species have tube-like mouthparts which pierce human skin to extract blood, which they need to create eggs. You may notice mosquito activity in an area by seeing the mosquito, hearing its buzz or feeling its “bite”.

The itchy bite you feel after having your skin pierced by a mosquito is the result of the saliva which the mosquito transmits in order to prevent your blood from clotting. A mosquito bite can also cause rashes. And some people experience more serious reactions such as inflammation, hives. Or even potentially life-threatening anaphylaxis. Mosquitos can also inject diseases in this process, leading to diseases which can be dangerous.

Stagnant water: a mosquito’s best friend

Mosquitos live in grasses and bushes. Adult females generally lay their eggs in stagnant waters. A significant percentage of Perth’s population is living near a large body of stagnant water that makes a perfect breeding ground for these at best, annoying, at worst diseased vermin.

After all, with the dreaded Ross River Virus popping up in areas such as Mandurah, Mundaring, Peppermint Grove and Cockburn — and many more! For many Western Australians, mosquitos can cause a lot more trouble than the inconvenience of itching and rashes. This disease comes with painful arthritis joint paint, enlarged lymph nodes and feverishness.

Summer numbers and mozzie magnets

In summer months, their population grows rapidly. Just when your most likely to enjoy the outdoors! But they can be a problem year-round, especially when they’re hanging around your home. Many Perthites try to manage home and backyard mosquito problems with mosquito repellent devices: mosquito foggers, outdoor insect repellents and so on.

Mosquitos can be attracted by a variety of factors to your skin. With some people finding themselves more likely to be a mosquito magnet than others. From heat and body odor, to certain chemicals produced by the skin such as lactic acid, your metabolic rate and your blood type. They’re even fashionistas in a sense, with dark clothing being more attractive to mosquitos than light clothing.

So, what should you do?

You should start by avoiding mosquito bites by wearing clothing that reduces the amount of exposed skin and applying mosquito repellent to skin that remains exposed. DEET mosquito repellent is considered the most effective, but is associated with side effects which can be quite serious. Fortunately, there are other repellents containing healthier alternatives such as Picaridin and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. Which also provide adequate protection and are considered significantly safer and more child-friendly. Keep in mind that the duration of protection can vary: in particular, botanical-based repellants need to be reapplied frequently. Also, if you’re wearing sunscreen, apply your sunscreen before you apply your repellent.

Other measures such as outdoor insect repellents and mosquito coils have some effectiveness. But should only be in addition to and not as a substitute for skin repellent and appropriate clothing. If you’re still losing the war on mosquitos, we have good news! You shouldn’t have to be afraid to enjoy your home and backyard, and that’s where Pesti Pest Control comes in.

Call in the experts

With many years of experience in residential and commercial pest control, we apply our knowledge, skills and expertise every day. Our chemicals are trusted, safe for your family, pets and garden. And actually get the pest control job done — one less headache for you to worry about.

With our in-depth understanding of mosquito behaviour, as well as offering top-quality mosquito treatment solutions. We identify increased risk factors to prevent reinfestation. At Pesti Pest Control, we know pests, we know mosquitos. And we know how important it is to you that your home, backyard and lifestyle are insect-free. We are committed to helping the people of Perth to help combat their mosquito problems. And with our exceptional dedication to quality customer service and advice, we’re sure you’ll join the ranks of our many customers. Who are delighted with our top-rated pest control services from professionals. Who you can trust with keeping your home and backyard comfortable and safe.

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