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Rodent Pest Control Tips

You know what's worse than a Burglar – a pesky Rodent.Did you know that while you’re fast sleep there’s one intruder that does the most damage? You’re probably thinking with a state of the art monitored security system, how could any intruder get through? You know what’s worse than a Burglar – a pesky Rodent.

A pesky nocturnal Rodent

Since they are a nocturnal mammal they love sneaking around your house inconspicuously carrying out their destructive work. When most people think of Rodents they think of Rats & mice but it also includes squirrels, and hamsters.

So whether you have lived in a country town or the city chances are pretty high that you’ve had an unpleasant encounter. Part of the problem with most rats. They can transmit numerous diseases like Salmonella, rabies and typhus, via their droppings, urine. And even harm your pets with a direct bit as well as carrying fleas.

Finding a cosy spot in your house is relatively easy for most Rats as they can easily pass through a hole or gap as small as 12mm. Where mice can even squeeze through 6mm gaps wide. They seek to build nests for their young, and are capable of producing ten or more pups every three weeks under ideal conditions.

What are the #5 signs of a Rodent problem?

You do have a serious problem on your hands if you see the following:

  • Rat droppings around your home,
  • Brown stains on your walls,
  • Noises in the dark (such as scratching sounds in the roof),
  • Evidence of gnawing,
  • Nests or piled nesting materials in hidden areas.

What damage can they do to your property?

Rodents often cause damage to property and homes through their continuous gnawing action. They often chew through electrical cabling which can cause fires through exposed electrical wiring.  There is often damage to decorative and other timbers in roofs, walls, skirting boards and ceilings. Rats and mice often destroy vegetable gardens and fruit crops in backyard gardens.

Here’s how you can solve your Rodent problems instantly and for good!

Now if you have tried every single preventive measure. Such as leaving traps and baits and the infestation still exists you should call the professionals at Pesti Rodent Control Perth now. Their technicians are highly qualified on how to quickly and easily remove rodents from your home.

First they will discuss your situation with you and then carry out a routine inspection of your property. Which is then followed by placing the bait stations in carefully chosen locations.

For successful control of rat and mouse populations one needs to know where these rats and mice are nesting, travelling and feeding. Correct placement of traps or baits based on typical rodent behaviour is critical to achieving the desired result.

For Best Results Pesti Rodent Control Perth recommends

You prepare for your rodent treatment as follows, to minimise the risk of re-infestation:

  • Store all pantry items in plastic containers – especially grains and flours,
  • Keep pet food and water bowls clean when not in use,
  • Store all pet foods in containers with tight-fitting lids.

As you think about what you really need to rid your home of Rodents you must begin to realise that you only have one choice to make. And that is to invest in a Pesti Rodent Control Perth treatment.

It’s a small price to pay when you think about the destructive damage these pesky mammals can do.

Contact the Professionals at Pesti Pest Control NOW.

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