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Is It Worth Calling An Exterminator?

If You Suspect You Have Termites in Your House, Should You Call an Exterminator?If you are a homeowner, the thought of termites may send a shiver down your spine. After all, these are some of the most worrying pests of all. If they get into your house, they may snack on your timber frame construction until nothing is left. So, what do you need to know about termite treatments, and when it comes to termite removal, what approach will an exterminator take?

Identifying Different Types of Termites

There are many different termite species in Australia. Perhaps the best-known is the subterranean variety that can set up a nest quite a distance from your property and then ‘commute’ to work. They’ll build mud tunnels between the nest and your property boundary, and once they find the smallest crack, they’ll be inside.

Settling in for the Long Haul

Once termites find a source of food (and especially in humid or damp conditions), they’ll be in their element. They’ll continue to eat until their presence is discovered, by chance or due to their breeding habits.

Discovering an Infestation

At certain times of the year, termites will sprout wings and may emerge from the darkness to look for mates or other food sources. They may fly into your living room, which may be your first sign that you need to call the exterminator.

Understanding the Scale of the Problem

The longer that the termites remain undiscovered, the greater the problem you will have. They may cause extensive damage, and you may need to replace some of the structural elements of your home, including joists and beams. You’ll certainly want to turn your attention to termite management and ask the experts what you can do to expedite.

Dealing with Termites in Your House

Termite bait stations are a very effective solution. The exterminator will sink these into the ground at intervals around your property perimeter. Inside the baiting station will be a piece of wood that they will have soaked in termite treatment chemicals. When foraging termites discover this wood, they will take it back to the nest, which should kill the rest of the colony.

If the exterminator discovers a live infestation behind drywall, they can use a localised termite spray. This should kill off the visible insects but will not do much to control the larger problem.

Working with Pest Control Products

Pest control technicians understand how to use chemicals or sprays so that they are effective but do not cause unwanted side effects elsewhere. They are highly trained to ensure that these pest control products are applied accurately so that they will not adversely affect any nearby plants or vegetation.

Bringing in the Experts

If you’re seeking help with termite and pest control in Perth, contact the experts. They’ll be familiar with how termites operate and employ the best methods to help get rid of them.  Even if you’re not aware of a current problem, it certainly pays to get an inspection.

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