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How to get rid of a rodent?

Ever heard something scratching or gnawing in the night? You might be accommodating mice. Homeowners in metropolitan Perth are most likely to see mice in winter. As it is cold out there, food runs out fast. But then, there’s your house to be occupied by mice that need a bit of shelter, your dinner leftovers, and warmth.

To exterminate mice:

  • Set traps. Use a combination of glue traps and bait traps to increase the number of rodents caught. This is especially useful if some rodents are keen on particular types of traps.
  • Use bait. Mouse bait entails everything used to draw rodents to your traps like chocolate or peanut butter. Poison baits are equally useful but are riskier. If placed the wrong way, they may be dangerous to pets and other people.
  • Get a cat. Rats can detect when a cat is in the vicinity and will steer clear of your home. If a rat shows up at your house, your cat will attack and kill it fast.

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