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How to deter rats?

Seeing rats running around your house can be very upsetting. Rats will grasp any chance to enter your house in search of food and shelter. For this reason, you should make your home as unattractive to rodents as possible. Here are some ways to fend off rats and avoid infestation:

  • Blocking entry points. For example, plugging up entry holes with a gap filler.
  • Starving them out their food sources by placing outdoor trash bags in secured metal bins. Also, keeping food in metal or glass airtight containers.
  • Getting rid of garden weeds and pruning branches that hang over your roof. Further, keep gardens debris-free. For example, if you pile organic mulch, don’t include food waste; unless you want to summon them.
  • Keeping your house clean and tidy means there is limited space for vermin to hide.

If all fails, call in a professional pest controller.

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