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How To Identify Termites & Verify Extermination In Perth

Discover Our Termite Inspection Services.Termites are small dark coloured insects. That live in large colonies with a number of different casts that usually live in a mound of earth. Termites are often confused with ants because of the similarity in their structures. Most of them feed on wood and are extremely destructive to plants and lumber based products. But they also have a good effect on nature as they help get rid of dead wood.

On the other hand, they are difficult to handle once they start attacking homes. This is especially hard as they are secretive and keep themselves hidden from sight. Termites feed mostly on woods and other insects. But do not bite human and leave infections or diseases.

Other types of termites are Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan, Subterranean, and Conehead.

How to locate a termite infestation in your home

As one research study recently proved, termites infest a lot of households in Australia. And one of the cities highly infested is Perth. Termites are known as silent destroyers. Because of the way they hide and live in secluded areas without leave a trace of destruction or any damage.

Termites feed on cellulose-based plant materials. And there are a lot of objects that can provide this kind of substance. They can bite through wood, which cause a huge damage for most household items such as furniture, tables, shelves, or even books.

In particular, subterranean termites form around residential homes in the grounds soil. They build tunnels to pass through, which give them access to different surrounding homes in the area.

On the other hand, drywood termites live on wood which they feed on. And infest house walls and furniture at times as well.

Swarming termites, another type of the insect. Are highly attracted to light and so they are more active during the daytime. This type of termites builds their colonies and often transfers breeding sites to spread infestation through several locations.

How to ensure complete termite elimination

There are simple steps any household in Australia can do to prevent termites from further damaging their homes. To rid of this persistent threat, families can dispose moisture substances and objects termites commonly feed on. This will help them be a lesser target for these pests.

Some steps which you can do fix moisture problems in your home is the following:

  • repair leaks and water pipes,
  • clean gutters and downpipes religiously,
  • get rid of excess plants,
  • seal water pipes and utility lines to avoid termites from coming through and inside the house.

All of these preventive and repair tips are useful for termites from further infesting homes. But as it is meticulous and might not be feasible without the help of a professional. By contacting a Pest Control Company near you, quick and effective solutions can be provided with less time but more proficiency.

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