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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Perth

Great Flea Treatment Tips by VeterinarianFleas are an annoyance to both humans and pets and local households in Perth do not feel any different about it. Flea bites not only itch and burn, they leave red, swollen patches on the skin, similar to mosquito bites, and nest on pets’ furs, causing more unwanted fleas population. They leave more than one bite mark on the skin and it stays as is for several weeks despite ointment applications and first-aid treatments.

For pets, this may result to major hair loss caused by sever scratching and biting. It can also cause anemia or blood loss in some cases. Adult fleas feed on blood first before they can reproduce. But because they can feed on blood notoriously, it’s easy for them to reproduce with an average of 20 eggs. More often than not, fleas nest their eggs on the host’s back, which causes it to easily roll down the ground. This gives fleas higher chance to reproduce more.

Fleas come in different classifications from low risk to the down right annoying. To this day, over 2,000 species have been recognised around the world.

How to locate a flea infestation in your home

Fleas can live well beyond a year under ideal conditions, which consists of the right temperature, sufficient food supply, and proper humidity. Without these survival tools an adult flea can only live for two to three months at most.

Mostly living in nest on their hosts, deep inside an animals fur, human hair, clothing, or carpets. Their hard, minute bodies, supported with abundant hairs and short spines allow them to move through hairs, feathers, or carpets with ease.

How to ensure complete flea elimination

A flea’s body can resist great pressure that even simply mashing or squeezing them between your hands won’t easily kill them. Spraying the household with insecticides helps in killing the eggs, as well as repeated vacuuming. Ensure that not only the common areas are vacuumed, but all over the house, including carpets and floors.

Research says that disposing the bag immediately after every vacuum session rids of more fleas. Vacuuming is also very useful and effective as studies claim that it can kill up to 96% of adult fleas and 100% of younger fleas.

Doing this consumes a lot of time and requires you to spend a lot of money. For best results, it’s still best to call a Pest Control Company in Australia to help you get rid of these pests, that not only harms us and out pets, but harms our homes as well.

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