The European Wasp, or Vespula germanica, has been sighted increasingly here in Perth, WA.

This species is known to be one of the world’s worst tempered and most aggressive type of wasp.

The European Wasp is identified by these main characteristics:

  • have a more rounded / stout body – regular wasps have longer, more slender bodies
  • hold their legs up closer to their body when in flight – regular wasps tend to dangle their legs.
  • have black antennae – regular wasps have more orange or brown antennae
  • European wasps are more attracted to meats – any wasp hanging around pet food or bbq meats should be treated with caution and a pest controller notified as there may be a nest nearby.

European wasps prefer to nest in urban / industrialised areas and have been found in many suburbs around the Perth Metropolitan area.

News Update: March 3, 2015
WA Today – European Wasps Conquer Perth

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