What you don’t know about Termite Pest Inspections could cost you!

It’s nine o’clock in the morning. You’re really excited that it’s holiday time, with hubby and the kids, the Perth weather is heating up. Everything’s done.

You’ve got…

The kids ready

The suitcases

Mail re-directed

Even had time to drop off Holly, to the kennel.

It’s now 9.30am, and as your driving off to the airport there’s one thing that maybe you’ve forgotten.

Hmm! Let me see… The Last thing you want is for it to play out like a scene from Home Alone.

You turn to your hubby. “Oh Honey I forgot to get our Termite Pest Inspection done”. Just the thought of unwanted pests are enough to make you feel squeamish, let alone enjoying your holiday break.

That’s why the team at Pesti Pest Control have your back covered. Not only do they want you to have a great holiday but also an enjoyable year around. When you invest in an annual Termite Inspection in Perth it’s the best remedy when it comes to treating unwanted pests like White ants, fleas, ticks, and all other annoying insects.

As you approach the warmer summer months you will have complete peace of mind that you have one less chore to worry about which is a major relief for all the busy couples and families.

Say if I don’t have a problem? Good question.

If there is no sign of a problem the technicians at Pesti Pest Control are very adept at giving you our customer great advice. That way you will be able to prevent termites damaging your home.

Pesti Pest Control works within the standards of AS 3660.2-2000. These standards are extremely thorough; they come with a complete and edifying report that includes a  12 month warranty duration. Pesti Pest Control has complete knowledge and hold on Timber pest biology, its lifecycles, habitats and ecological attributes. The main focus point is on termites, fungal decays along with wood borers that is a cause of distress for most people. This adds to the fact of making us one of the leaders in timber pest inspections in Perth.

Why call Pest Inspection Perth?

Quite simply.

Pesti Pest Control’s knowledge and continued education of Timber Pest biology life cycles, habitats and ecology is second to none. As one of Perth’s industry leaders in Timber Pest Inspections we know what to look out for when it comes to Termites, Fungal Decay and Wood Borers.

Don’t buy another property till you give Termite Inspection team in Perth a call!

It’s quite crucial before you buy your next Home, to make sure you give Pesti Pest Control Perth a call. We will inspect your house with accordance to the Australian standards AS 4349.3 – 2010.  Timber Pest Inspection.

Pesti Pest Control Perth can help you do a complete pest inspection for you before purchasing a house. By conducting this timber pest inspection, you can have complete insight on the house you are investing in. Pesti Pest Control Termite Inspection in Perth gives you peace of mind with our 12 month Warranty. If you find Termites in that period, we will offer a free termite inspection and termite control for free. From 2013 we can insure your property for Termite Damage up to 5 Years. Please contact us for more information.

Discover Our Termite Inspection Services

Can you imagine having a safe, and pest free home this year? Well the team at Pesti Pest Control wants you to have that by providing an, effective and personalised inspection service. Rest assured that no home is too big or small for the team at Pesti Pest Control. If you are thinking of having a termite inspection then contact the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.