Termite Bait Stations Versus Barrier Treatments

There are several ways to deal with termites. These can be termite bait stations or termite barriers. In the new article we will try to tell you what options exist. Use this knowledge when communicating with your exterminator. Choose the best option to fight termites...

Termite treatment Perth

Have you found yourself under attack by the small yet mighty termite? You’re not alone. Thousands of people every year seek quality termite treatment Perth. After all, a nasty termite infestation can not only devalue your home by more than 25 per cent, but also...

Weekdays of pest control in Perth in photos

We have already said that winter for pest control in Perth – not a time to relax. It’s been a hot week! We met a curious and very brave bird. We managed the invasion of rats from the Park and created a barrier against ants. We managed to stop the...

Winter is not a reason to relax!

Winter in Perth this year comes early. But for residents of Western Australia winter is not a reason to relax! Pests don’t rest! Rats, cockroaches, termites. Lowering the temperature does not harm them. Especially if they live in your hospitable homes! And we...