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White Ant Termites In Perth

The inspection begins by checking out all of the areas where these pesky insects can gain access to your home and reach potential food sources.White ant termites have pale, soft, and small bodies. They reside with a colony either in wood or in a soil. Including wall cavities in houses and commercial establishments. When the infestation is not prevented quick enough. This can result in major damage to the household or in business establishments.

These pests mostly need damp or wet areas to build their homes. So they usually stay underground. Otherwise, they use their own saliva to mix with the soil and construct a mound.

Once a colony settles on a spot, that spot will be noticeably wet

In early spring or summer, a colony can produce a lot of variants to reproduce and spread the species. They usually swarm on walls, which at this stage is easily noticeable. Swarming will only last for an hour or so, in which warmers are not harmful. And they can easily be ridden off using a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Recent surveys show that around one-third of unprotected properties in Australia are under the risk of being attacked by white ant termites. As more houses are built up, so can termites also find hidden entry points or wall cavities to reside in and nest their colonies.

For their homes, they can build a mound of soil up to 20 feet tall or 6 meters. They can also construct underground tunnels, which are used to collect ford and for the use of food sources. Their preference are cellulose timbers as far as 100 meters. In conclusion, termites can destroy a lot of timber and cause damage to a house or a building’s foundation.

Damages done by white ant termites

White ant termites in Australia are said to cause damages to homes more than calamities such as fire, floods or storms. On top of that, home insurance does not cover damages made by these pale-coloured pests. Or the costs to repair these damages. If your house is made entirely of wood, this can result to greater repair works.

Damages done by white ant termites are widespread all over Australia, not just in Perth. And these insects have a high rate of attack incidence in virtually all the urban areas in the country.

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