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How To Get Rid Of An Ant Colony?

Our team at Pesti Pest Control get calls across Perth every week to treat our clients Ant infestation problemsOur team at Pesti Pest Control get calls across Perth every week to treat our clients Ant infestation problems. They are on everyone’s radar as the #1 pest to get rid of. Here at Ant Pest Control Perth we know how much hard work goes into maintaining your outdoors. That’s why for any proud homeowner you get excited when the backyard is looking spick- and- span. You’ve swept the brick paving and thrilled with the excellent job you’ve done.

By tomorrow morning your excitement will only be short-lived resulting in that deflated feeling once again. You discover all the messy soil sitting on your pavers is a result of those terrible Ants. They have been very busy indeed pushing their way from underneath your pavers to create their nests.

Incredibly they do this by having a dedicated army of soldiers and work in unison to win the battle of your patio, gardens, alfresco, and BBQ area. Pretty frustrating isn’t it?

Whilst Ants are far from a venomous insect if left untreated they are extremely difficult to completely remove. Without doubt they are one of the most adaptable species on the planet with the innate ability of building their own nests and expanding it to a perfect size that suits their colony.

Are Ants capable of doing much damage?

Good question. To the average person it seems they are only capable of doing small amounts of damage. But surprise they are capable of causing pavers to drop or become uneven from their burrowing action. Whilst Ants don’t have the destructive ability of Termites they are capable of travelling to other areas quite easily. As they can get through the tiniest of cracks and enter areas that aren’t visible.

3 Things you can do to prevent them from entering inside your house

  1. Ensure you seal all gaps around downpipes with a waterproof sealant.
  2. Ensure you fill all gaps and holes with silicon wherever tiles meet your kitchen benchtop.
  3. Clean up all food matter from paved and internal floors.

What Measures can you take to stop them?

Whilst it’s a good idea to take some temporary measures to treat Ant infestations yourself. Such as pouring boiling hot water or sprinkling Ant repellent powder bought from your local hardware store. Chances are pretty high this won’t deter the colony at all.  You will find that the vast number of the colony will stay safe in their makeshift tunnel. And easily migrate to another area in just a few weeks.

How Skilled is an Ant Colony?

Their organisational skills as a colony are remarkable. They distinctly divide labour and form groups to get their work done. When these ants form an infestation, it gets difficult to handle them. Because you have to deal with a whole colony. The colony will have many entrances and exits that come up from around your home and are often seen entering into your kitchen and through the roof.

Call In The Professionals

We sepcialise in Ant Pest Control  servicing all of Perth. Our technicians have many years experience and are highly skilled in treating Ant infestations. Specifically what we do is firstly dust the roof void and accessible cavities. Treat the external perimeter of you house and flood treat your paved areas.

Pesti then directly targets nests and trails placing ant bait when necessary to cut out any ant colonies around your home.

As you think about what you really need to rid your home of invasive Ants you must begin to realise that you only have one choice to make. And that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Ant Control Perth.

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