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Ant Control VS Ant Treatment In Perth

the main difference between ant treatment and ant controlAnts are a tricky little pest for any pest control company in Perth or in Australia for that matter. There are a huge variety of species that we contend with here in the West. Each one capable of different levels of disruption/damage. Ants are quite insidious as in, all it takes for them to get into your home is a tiny crack. As an animal that thrives as a colony, it won’t take long for them to set up shop on your property and take over.

Ant control plan in Perth

If a pest controller is going to come and do any sort of ant treatment or ant control plan in Perth (with the goal being to get rid of the ants completely), they must make sure that not only do they do that. They know what kind of ant they are dealing with, and that they know how to eliminate it completely.

You can trust that when you call us to get rid of your ants, we do it with the long-term prevention of the problem as our goal.All too often, less proficient Perth pest control companies will come and spray a home or business for ants. And neglect to put gel bait down for the ants that are inside the premises to take back to the nest. So the problem is treated both at the source and as far as the reach of the infestation. Of course, before too long the ants will be back again. And you will be left having to pay twice for a problem that could have been dealt with the first time.

This is the main difference between ant treatment and ant control

And if you want to get rid of your ants for good, then it is very important. When you are searching for a reputable pest control company in Perth, you ask them what their long-term treatment plan is and how their products work. You don’t want to be stuck paying good money for something when it is only going to rear its head again within 3 months.

Bear in mind this will be different for your specific type of ant. A Coastal Brown ant problem needs to be handled very differently than, say a Bull Ant problem. The right company will not only know the difference but will know how to eradicate the ants for good. This may require treatment every 12 months or so as a prevention plan. But if you have ever dealt with ants in your kitchen, you will know how worthwhile a good ant treatment can be!

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At Pesti Pest, we dust the roof void of your property and accessible cavities. We treat the external perimeter of you house and flood treat your paved areas. Pesti Pest directly targets nests and trails placing ant bait when necessary to eliminate any ant colonies around your home. You can trust that when you call us to get rid of your ants. We do it with the long-term prevention of the problem as our goal.

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