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Stored Food Product Pests In Perth

Advice to Perth home and business owners concerned with Stored Product PestsPart of the problem for many years has been the problem of what to do with an excess food supply that’s not ready for immediate use. Whilst storing grains, dried fruit and milled cereals has been a common practice for the Agricultural industry. Thereby solving one problem it creates another. Especially when you consider for most mills and food storage plants leaves them open to attack from unwanted organisms and pests.

The biggest problem…

When it comes to identifying the worst type of stored product pests infiltrating most mills and food storage facilities, scavengers such as rodents and cockroaches are the most troublesome.

Stored Product insects are not just a health hazard. But in some countries to have caused significant economic losses of grains in store equal to 50% of total production.

Is where food is handled by the many processes involved in the Agricultural chain, right from farming. And harvesting food at the storage plant, increasing the likelihood of product pests being transported into your home.

Common signs of Stored product insects

There’s no doubt that product pests are a health hazard to homeowners and businesses. Which is why it’s crucial to beware of the telltale signs before they contaminate food. Here is a quick guide to what to look out for:

  • Larval feeding causing severe damage to grain products
  • Contamination of stored products with live or dead insects, and droppings
  • Presence of cast larvae skins
  • Stale or musty odours
  • Moths flying around in kitchen pantry

If you suspect you may have pantry pests, look thoroughly in dried foods.

Product Pest Treatment Services in Perth

Pesti Pest Control’s Storage Product Pest treatment for Perth homes and businesses includes a thorough inspection to locate the exact cause of the problem which includes.

  1. Removing the infested material and dispose of it a manner that will not disperse the infestation
  2. Organise to have the food material treated in an acceptable manner

Once our technicians have dealt with the infested material they will use both surface and space sprays to control any surviving adults and prevent future infestations.

For Commercial clients in the food industry such as bakeries, flour mills, and grain storage facilities that are prone to regular infestation we recommend to carry out frequent and extensive inspections. So that potential infestations are dealt with prior to the adult pests spreading again.

You need to rid your home or business of storage product pests? Or regain your cooking space again? Must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.

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