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How To Get Rid of Fleas In Your House (4 Easy Steps)

4 Tips for Effective Flea Control for HomesFleas are undoubtedly extremely familiar to you if you’ve ever owned a furry animal. They don’t just bite and irritate your pets, but they can also carry diseases. These bothersome pests, which like to hitch a ride and live on cats and dogs, can quickly infest your house. And once they invade your space, it’s challenging to get rid of them completely, which is why it’s crucial to know flea control for homes.

Yes, there is hope! There are certain methods presented in this post about how to get rid of fleas on dogs and cats.

So, how do you get rid of fleas in your house?

Keep reading to get rid of fleas permanently and (hopefully) stop them from returning.

1. Get vacuuming.

You can use your vacuum cleaner to collect and trap flea eggs and adult fleas. If your home has carpets and rugs, use your vacuum to suck up the pests hiding in these places. Additionally, vacuum your baseboards because fleas occasionally like to hide there. Use the hose attachment to vacuum any soft furniture you may have to get rid of fleas.

Prevent any fleas from escaping by transferring the vacuum cleaner’s contents into a sealed bag before throwing it out with the rubbish.

2. Take your fur babies to the vet.

Aside from vacuuming fleas in your home, it’s crucial to get your pets on some form of flea control. So, make sure to bring your cats or dogs to the vet so they’ll be prescribed the appropriate medication to eliminate the pests.

Aside from medicating your pets, give them regular baths and use a flea comb. Before you comb your pets, put some dishwashing liquid in a small bowl of warm water and keep it beside you. Dip the comb in the mixture to drown the pests.

3. Launder bedding regularly.

Since you can use hot, soapy water to kill fleas, wash your dog’s or cat’s bed once a week. In case your pets sleep with you in bed, be sure to wash everyone else’s bedding as well. Do this every week, so everyone also gets clean sheets and bedding that’s flea-free.

4. Keep surroundings flea-free with the help of an exterminator.

Your efforts to get rid of fleas can prove futile if there are still eggs and surviving fleas hiding out in other parts of your home and yard. You can plant flea-repelling plants like lavender, mint and fennel, but those can only protect part of your garden.

This is where a Perth flea control service like Pesti Pest Control can help. Aside from providing the best flea treatment, they will also apply eco-friendly environmental pest control in Perth.

Our Pesti Pest Control technicians will use a variety of methods for effective, long-term flea pest removal for your home.

Say goodbye to fleas for good

Fleas are not welcome in any home. They hurt not only your pets but can also bite you and spread disease. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what to do if you have fleas in your house.

For best results, contact Pesti Pest Control on 0412485957, and enjoy a flea-free home with your fur babies.

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