Ant Control Perth
6 months warranty

Ant Control Services in Perth, WA – Ants are considered to be one of the most environmentally adaptive species. They possess the capability of building their own nests and expanding it to a perfect size that suits their colony.

As pests, many households have considered ants as the most frustrating pest infestations ever. The reason for this is because they can easily build their colony even in a small crack in your house’s foundation and cause damages from within.

Their skills of organization as a colony is remarkable; they distinctly divide labour and form groups to get their work done. When these ants form an infestation, it gets difficult to handle them because you have to deal with a whole colony. The colony will have many entrances and exits that come up from around your home and are often seen entering into your kitchen and through the roof.

Pesti Pest Controllers are constantly dealing with Ant colony problems in Perth residential areas.

Only we give 6 months warranty on black Ant treatment


We dust the roof void and accessible cavities, treat the external perimeter of you house and flood treat your paved areas.

Pesti directly target nests and trails placing ant bait when necessary to eliminate any ant colonies around your home.