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When it comes to an end of lease cleaning, one of the jobs you may dread the most is ridding a property of fleas. As a tenant, you may need flea fumigation at the end of a lease because your pet brought them in. As a landlord, you could find yourself in need of pest control in Logan because a tenant didn’t take good care of your property. Whatever your reasons, we’re here to help. With our pest control in Perth, you’ll enjoy a cleaner property that’s safe for the next inhabitants to use.

Why may you need flea pest control in Perth?

Fleas are parasitic creatures. Once they enter a property, they can remain there for as long as two years. During this time, they may lay around 1,000 eggs, resulting in a cycle that makes carpet cleaning and pest control crucial if you’re going to get the problem under control.

At an absolute minimum, fleas will cause irritating bites that are itchy. However, they also come with hygiene risks. Over-scratching a bite may result in it becoming infected, and it isn’t unusual for fleas to spread diseases to both humans and pets. As such, we always recommend using fumigation in Perth when you notice fleas.

What are the signs of a flea infestation?

Some of the signs you may need end of lease flea treatment in Perth include:

  • You pets are beginning to scratch excessively.
  • You’re starting to see fleas hopping around on your furniture.
  • You see flea larvae inside your pet’s bed.
  • You and your family are encountering small and itchy bites.

The right flea control for houses allows you to eliminate the problem when a lease comes to an end. As a result, it’s safe for the next family to move in.

How does flea pest control work?

Our approach to flea pest control involves using child and pet-friendly substances to eliminate the problem. We’ll perform a full inspection of your property and begin applying our solutions in the most important places. In addition to immediately eradicating the fleas, our insecticide lingers for a while after. As a result, it prevents further fleas from infesting the property. With our pest control and flea treatment costs, you can make your property a safer place to live. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, you’ll benefit from our fair pricing structure. To get a free quote for our end of lease flea pest control services, call 0412485957.