Commercial Pest Control in Perth, WA

Can a pest infestation be more dangerous than fire and theft?


Yes, it’s hard to believe, but those unwanted guests can be quietly undermining your business whilst your attention is firmly focussed elsewhere.

Structural damage resulting from termite attack can be extremely expensive to repair. It’s almost impossible to assess without wholesale dismantling of affected and non-affected timbers, and very few contractors will work on the task without an open-ended cost approach.

With damaged stock and equipment, economic loss can be severe, especially if materials have already entered the supply chain, and need to be recalled before customers and consumers have become involved.

But still worse are the threats to to your business reputation. Schools and childcare centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals or shopping centres cannot tolerate even the most fleeting public contact with stray rodents or cockroaches. The business cost of such encounters can be huge, especially if press or media become involved.

Pesti offers total security and peace of mind to property owners and managers. Talk to us today about how we can help you to enjoy a pest-free business environment.

Pesti Pest Control Commercial Services can visiting your business every quarter for total rodent, cockroach and spider control.


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