Termite Inspections in Perth, WA

Pesti Pest Control will carry out full termite inspection in Perth and will look at all accessible areas of your home where potential termite problems might occur.

So you can have complete peace of mind, if we find a problem we’ll give you an expert advice on the termite control options are available.

Pesti Pest Control works within the standards of AS 3660.2-2000. These standards are extremely through; they are accompanied with a complete and edifying report that includes a 12 month warranty duration. Pesti Pest Control has complete knowledge and hold on Timber pest biology, its lifecycles, habitats and ecological attributes. The main focus point is on termites, fungal decays along with wood borers that is a cause of distress for most people. This adds to the fact of making us one of the leaders in timber pest inspections in Perth.

Pesti Pest Control’s knowledge and continued education of Timber Pest biology, lifecycles, habitats and ecology make us one of the leaders in Timber Pest Inspections in Perth which looks at Termites, Fungal Decay and also Wood Borers.

Before you buy your Home, Pesti Pest Control Perth will inspect your house with accordance to the Australian standards AS 4349.3 – 2010. Timber Pest Inspection.

Pesti Pest Control Perth can help you do a complete pest inspection for you before purchasing a house. By conducting this timber pest inspection, you can have complete insight on the house you are investing in. Pesti Pest Control Termite Inspection in Perth gives you peace of mind with our 12 month Warranty. If you find Termites in that period, we will provide a free termite inspection and termite control for free. From 2013 we can insure your property for Termite Damage up to 5 Years. Please contact us for more information.

Our Termite Inspection Services

Pesti Pest Control provides a safe, effective and personalised inspection service as every property is different. If you are thinking of having a termite inspection then contact the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.