Portuguese Millipedes

Portuguese millipedes have been reaching plague proportions in Perth. These annoying creepy crawlies feed and breed in leaf litter and mulch and are inactive over summer until significant falls of rain re-activate them. They are attracted to lights at night, and usually enter your home under doors and window sills.

Portuguese millipedes excrete a distasteful and pungent substance which can stain skin and clothes, and cause irritation to your eyes. They can also get into your food, and infest carpets and bedding.

Portugese Millipede Control

A Pesti Pest Control technician will carry out an inspection of your property, followed by a chemical application around the external perimeter and walls to prevent the millipedes from entering your home. The treated surface is wide enough to kill the millipedes before they enter your home.

In preparation for your millipede treatment, please remove all loose articles around the external perimeter of your home.  To minimise the risk of re-infestation, you may consider reducing leaf litter, mulch and compost around your house.   In addition, turning off outside lights and drawing curtains could help reduce infestations inside your home.