Bee & Wasp Removal Perth

If you need bees and wasps removed from your Perth property, our pest control professionals are here to help.

We provide cost effective options for bee hive or wasp nest removals to real estate agents, property owners as well as to the general public.

Pesti Pest Control have experienced technicians specialising in bee and wasp removal in Perth, WA.

Pesti Bee & Wasp Removal Services

We first locate the bee hives or wasp nests. We will then remove the bee hive if it is accessible and relocate the hive to a more suitable area. This is done in order to protect the bee population in Perth Western Australia.

The most common wasp in Western Australia is the paper wasp, whose long  tubular nests are commonly found under eaves and fence capping.

The more aggressive European wasps are becoming more frequently sighted here in WA and should be reported.

Wasp nests are generally destroyed to prevent larvae from maturing. Nests are treated with insecticide dust and we will residual spray associated areas to help prevent the insects return.

Contact the Pesti team for bee hive or wasp removal services in Perth.