Tramp Ants and our Environment in Perth


What is a “tramp ant” and why are they potentially an environmental issue?

With so many species of ants in Australia, it is important to know a little bit about each species and the impact that they can have on your lifestyle as well as the environment. The issue with many species of ant in Australia, is that they are introduced species, meaning they are not meant to live in this country and therefore, potentially very damaging to our ecosystem.

Over time, with overseas trading becoming more and more common, many species of animals arrive on our shores that are not meant to be here. Strict controls are in place to limit this happening but there is always a risk of a foreign species making it through. With over 15,000 species of ants in the world, it is very difficult to be vigilant enough to keep them out of Australia. Such is the case with tramp ants, specifically 6 species of them, that are considered hazardous to our biodiversity. Of those 6, there are 2 species that of concern here in WA and most pest control companies in Perth should be familiar with them. They are the African big-headed ant or coastal brown ant (Pheidole megacephala) and the Argentine ant (Linepithema humile).

Ants are one of the most successful animal groups due to their ability to reproduce quickly and adapt to their environment. With breeding conditions in WA near perfect for ants, these 2 species arrived here and colonised very quickly. They are quite an aggressive species and they are able to take over a food source very easily. They can build nests in the environment they find (so under logs, rocks and debris) or they will take up residence under things like pavers in your yard. If you have pavers and they are “sinking”, chances are, you have a tramp ant colony to blame. Sometimes they can build “super colonies” that have more than one queen ant and these larger colonies can wreak havoc on an existing ecosystem. Due to their ability to fill more than one role (predators, herbivores, seed eaters, seed disperses and scavengers) they can shape the very structure of an ecosystem.

Tramp ants will eat just about anything. They can prey on leaf litter and canopy fauna, from small invertebrates (centipedes, worms, molluscs, spiders and insects) to crabs, birds, frogs, mammals and reptiles. You can help minimise the likelihood of an ant infestation by keeping your yard as free of unnecessary debris as possible and keeping your food storage and preparation areas clean.

If tramp ants are allowed to colonise, they can have a heavy impact on the environment. With the taking over of food sources, smaller species can be wiped out entirely. These tiny invaders can also affect industries, homes and even your health. Agricultural impacts include damage to crops and equipment and increases in crop pests and diseases. Tramp ants can infest furniture, food and electrical equipment, and subsequently, chew through your wiring. Your garden or local park could be left unusable due to a tramp ant infestation.

Because of their prolific breeding habits and their potential impact on your home and the environment, it is always wise to keep a look out for signs of tramp ants and obviously, dealing with them sooner rather than later is the recommendation of every pest control company in Perth.

If you think you may have a tramp ant problem in your home or business, then please give us a call.



Ant Control VS Ant Treatment In Perth

Ant Control VS Ant Treatment

Ants are a tricky little pest for any pest control company in Perth or in Australia for that matter. There are a huge variety of species that we contend with here in the West, each one capable of different levels of disruption/damage. Ants are quite insidious as in, all it takes for them to get into your home is a tiny crack. As an animal that thrives as a colony, it won’t take long for them to set up shop on your property and take over.

If a pest controller is going to come and do any sort of ant treatment or ant control plan in Perth (with the goal being to get rid of the ants completely), they must make sure that not only do they do that; they know what kind of ant they are dealing with, and that they know how to eliminate it completely.

ant control Perth

All too often, less proficient Perth pest control companies will come and spray a home or business for ants and neglect to put gel bait down for the ants that are inside the premises to take back to the nest, so the problem is treated both at the source and as far as the reach of the infestation. Of course, before too long the ants will be back again, and you will be left having to pay twice for a problem that could have been dealt with the first time.

This is the main difference between ant treatment and ant control and if you want to get rid of your ants for good, then it is very important, when you are searching for a reputable pest control company in Perth, you ask them what their long-term treatment plan is and how their products work. You don’t want to be stuck paying good money for something when it is only going to rear its head again within 3 months.

Bear in mind this will be different for your specific type of ant. A Coastal Brown ant problem needs to be handled very differently than, say a Bull Ant problem. The right company will not only know the difference but will know how to eradicate the ants for good. This may require treatment every 12 months or so as a prevention plan but if you have ever dealt with ants in your kitchen, you will know how worthwhile a good ant treatment can be!

At Pesti Pest, we dust the roof void of your property and accessible cavities. We treat the external perimeter of you house and flood treat your paved areas. Pesti Pest directly targets nests and trails placing ant bait when necessary to eliminate any ant colonies around your home. You can trust that when you call us to get rid of your ants, we do it with the long-term prevention of the problem as our goal.

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Ants In Perth – The not so “garden variety” pest


The not so “garden variety” pest

Chances are, if you live in Perth, you have encountered ants somewhere in your life. Whether they’ve invaded your perfectly nice picnic, or set up shop under your kitchen sink, ants are a common pest around here and the key to successfully controlling and eliminating your ant problem is identification. Ask a pest control guy in Perth what he does when he gets a call about ants and he will tell you that the first thing he does is ask what they look like.

Pest Control Perth Ants









Here in Perth there are 4 main varieties of ant that pest control companies find the most common.

  • Argentine Ants
  • Black Ants
  • Coastal Brown Ants
  • Bull Ants

Argentine ants are pretty boring looking little brown ants. They are quite small and slender, 2.6 to 3.2mm long, and are dark brown in colour. The worker ants are similar in appearance and move in very obvious trails. They have a very distinct smell when they are crushed. Argentine ants do not have a sting but will bite but don’t worry, the bite is not painful.

The black ant or black house ant is black and shiny and about 2.5-3mm in length. These guys are a pain in the neck as they are scavenger ants. Their breeding cycle is about 6 weeks, so they can become prolific quite quickly. The most common hang out spots for these ants is in your kitchen, garbage and grossly enough, dog feces. This makes them capable of spreading diseases like salmonella so you want to get rid of black ants as soon as you find them.

Ants In Perth








The coastal brown any originated in Africa so it is referred to as an introduced species. The coastal brown is small and a light ginger-brown colour with a shiny dark brown abdomen. Their main feature though is their very distinctive “caste” sizes. The “major” ants are bigger than the “minor” ants and have a much larger head as well. There are much fewer major ants though but their job is to break up larger pieces of food so that the minor ants can transport them back to the nest. As you can imagine, these guys love a good food source but they can also disrupt your garden or your paving. They are excavators too so look out for small mounds with a hole on the top in your yard. This is a sure sign of a coastal brown infestation.

Bull ants are a species of ant that do not venture inside very much. They tend to be an outdoor kind of ant but make no mistake, the presence of a bull ant nest can be a very unwelcome surprise. The bull ant is one of the most painful biters in Australia. If you have ever been bitten you know what I am talking about and because they do not leave their “stinger” in their victim, they are able to bite multiple times over. They are known to be very aggressive so if you have a young family, these ants are something to watch out for.






What’s worse than fire and theft?  A pest infestation at your Commercial Building in Perth

What’s worse than fire and theft?  A pest infestation at your Commercial Building in Perth

Believe it or not, but while you are slaving away at your business  ensuring that everything is running like clockwork, your staff are kept productive and your accountant is kept at bay as you are profitable, there’s one aspect that is often overlooked here in Perth – unwanted guests lurking around your Commercial or business premises.

Yes, unsightly bugs and termites are a menace to any Commercial property and business owners all around here in Perth. They do more harm to your reputation and are a bigger threat to you than your competitors.

Whether you run a small deli or a towering hotel – the size of your premises really doesn’t matter as they can get through any tiny crack or crevice and move from one area to the next very swiftly.

And it’s not just limited to your business either.

Fact is…

Parasitic pests like stray rodents or cockroaches do not discriminate. Just about every public property from Schools and childcare centres, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and shopping centres are prone to an infestation. They can ill afford to have even the slightest bit of contact with the public as the ramifications are quite a serious matter due in part to the business cost as well as stirring up frenzy from all the bad publicity or media coverage you would get. Not to mention Social media!

Part of the problem with any pest infestation if left undetected for long period of time it’s almost impossible to assess without completely dismantling of the affected and unaffected timbers, and very few contractors will work on the task without an open-ended cost approach

With damaged stock and equipment, economic loss can be severe, especially if materials have already entered the supply chain, and need to be recalled before customers and consumers have become involved.

However, there are some preventative measures you can take.

One of the most important factors in preventing any pest infestation is keeping your premises spotless at all times. Apart from that, you are leaving a great impression on your customers. When they walk into your showroom, shop, or office that smells great it’s certainly more inviting for them to do business with you. Moreover, it’s a great way to build trust with new clients as first impressions count.

To keep your business in pristine condition here is a list of places that should be kept clean at all times

 Waiting rooms

 Lobbies

 Restrooms

 Pantries

 Swimming pools

 Storage shelves

Failing that Pesti offers total security and peace of mind to property owners and managers.

So we just don’ expect you to take our word for it. Here’s what our recent clients had to say about our Commercial Pest Control services.

If you need to rid your Commercial property or business of Termites and Bugs and regain your building back again talk to us today and we will help get your business back to a pest-free zone.  Call Pesti Pest Control Perth NOW.


Advice to Perth home and business owners concerned with Stored Product Pests

Advice to Perth home and business owners concerned with Stored Product Pests

Part of the problem for many years, in fact for centuries has been the problem of what to do with an excess food supply that’s not ready for immediate use. Whilst storing grains, dried fruit and milled cereals has been a common practice for the Agricultural industry thereby solving one problem it creates another. Especially when you consider for most mills and food storage plants leaves them open to attack from unwanted organisms and pests.

When it comes to identifying the worst type of stored product pests infiltrating most mills and food storage facilities, Scavengers such as rodents and cockroaches are the most troublesome.

Stored Product insects are not just a health hazard, but in some countries, are known to have caused significant economic losses of grains in store equal to 50% of total production.

The biggest problem…

Is where food is handled by the many processes involved in the Agricultural chain, right from farming, and harvesting food at the storage plant, increasing the likelihood of product pests being transported into your home.

#5 Common signs of Stored product insects:

There’s no doubt that product pests are a health hazard to homeowners and businesses which is why it’s crucial to beware of the telltale signs before they contaminate food. Here is a quick guide to what to look out for:

  • larval feeding causing severe damage to grain products


  • Contamination of stored products with live or dead insects, and droppings


  • Presence of cast larvae skins


  • Stale or musty odours


  • Moths flying around in kitchen pantry

If you suspect you may have pantry pests, look thoroughly in dried foods where they are likely to hide.

To help you recognise which pest as the likely source of the infestation Click Here and read the A-Z guide of the many species of Stored Product Pests.

Product Pest Treatment Services all round here in Perth

Pesti Pest Control’s Storage Product Pest treatment for Perth homes and businesses includes a thorough inspection to locate the exact cause of the problem which includes

  1. Removing the infested material and dispose of it a manner that will not disperse the infestation.
  2. Organise to have the food material treated in an acceptable manner.
  3. Once our technicians have dealt with the infested material they will use both surface and space sprays to control any surviving adults and prevent future infestations.

For Commercial clients in the food industry such as bakeries, flour mills, and grain storage facilities that are prone to regular infestation we recommend to carry out frequent and extensive inspections so that potential infestations are dealt with prior to the adult pests spreading again.


If you need to rid your home or business of storage product pests and regain your cooking space again you must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.


Sources Urban Pest Management in Australia, John Gerozisis and Phillip Hadlington




Now is the best time to get Bedbug Treatment in Perth, WA

Now is the best time to get Bedbug Treatment in Perth, WA

One thing is for sure Bed Bugs are not a new phenomenon as they’ve been around for thousands of years. Contrary to popular belief Bed Bugs don’t discriminate; whether you live in an affluent area or a poorer area it doesn’t make your home less susceptible to a bug infestation either.

People have always had to endure to the wrath of bed bugs feeding off their blood which is why when someone hears their name, the typical reaction is usually a scrunched up nose, a sweaty brow and lots of anxiety.

Despite their bad reputation, there is no evidence that Bed Bugs are disease carriers.

Interesting enough…

Bed bugs are found in many different places especially those were travellers have been.  Being so tiny they have easy access through the seams of clothing, luggage, bedding, and furniture in accommodation venues such as backpackers’ hostels and motels.

For any pragmatic homeowner just bear in mind that if you enjoy keeping your house spotless that doesn’t guarantee your home is immune to their bloodsucking ways.

Fact is…

They’ll take refuge in any house as long as they find blood that they can feed on. And while bed bugs won’t be attracted to dirt in any way, having a house with heaps of mess is music to their ears. The more untidy your home is the harder it is to get rid of them.

So what do they look? Good question…

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped and wingless parasitic insects. Their tiny size allows them to hide in small gaps and cracks. Adult bed bugs are 4–6mm in length; Juveniles are 1–5mm in length.

Where can they be found?

Once in your home they are harder to get rid of as being very mobile they can move very swiftly to a new hiding place: behind skirting boards, under wallpaper, bed frames, or in mattresses. After that, it’s a matter of time till they start multiplying.

What are the signs of an infestation?

  1. Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses like a pen marker
  2. 2.An offensive, mouldyodour from the bugs’ scent glands
  3. Eggs and eggshells, which are tiny (about 1mm) and pale yellow skins that nymphs shed as they grow larger
  4. Live bed bugs

Introducing Pesti Bedbugs Treatment Services

Perth Pesti Pest Control all round here in Perth highly recommends you follow their simple plan to eradicate Bed Bugs for good.

  1. Remove all mattresses from bed frames and complete a thorough check of the infested bedroom
  2. Treat infested areas with an appropriate and safe insecticide to kill these blood-sucking pests
  3. If you detect an infestation you should get in touch with Pesti pest Control Perth for an inspection and treatment as soon as possible
  4. Ensure you vacuüm thoroughly, and if possible heat the infestation area to at least 60oC using a steam cleaner. Also if possible, seal all exposed clothing materials in an airtight bag and send it for disposal

If you want to rid your home of bed bugs and regain your personal space again you must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.



Know Your Termites In Perth


We all know what termites are? Right? Wrong! Chances are, there is a lot more to these tiny but potentially devastating little bugs than you realise. Termites (or white ants as they are sometimes referred to) are a pervasive and common pest here in Perth. If not detected early, they can cause severe structural damage to any building. Termites are sometimes called “silent destroyers” because they can chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper. This is because termite colonies eat all the time, 24/7, without stopping for a break, twice as fast if you play rock music; google it, it’s true!.There are around 2000 different kinds of termite species in the world with termites causing over 5 billion dollars worth of property damage in Australia each and every year.

So what are the signs to look out for? If you have a newer house, chances are, your property was treated during construction as a preventative measure but it cannot hurt to be aware of what the signs of a termite infestation are. Pest control companies in Perth are qualified to come in and identify the problem and diagnose 100% whether you have termites or not but here are some of the main things to watch for:

You can hear them – Despite being called “silent destroyers,” if an infestation is large enough, you will be able to hear them. Not only do they make noise when they eat but also when they communicate with each other. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear them.

  1. Seeing the actual bugs themselves or their discarded wings – you may see termites flying in your home or business or, you may find their wings on the floor. Termites shed their wings after they have found their mate. After this occurs, they turn a pale colour and look not unlike a large ant. Although not technically an ant, if you find any big, white ant-looking bugs in your house, chances are, you’ve discovered termites.
  2. Spotting damage to your property – termites eat wood from the inside out so quite often, you will find weaker sections in your wall that may sound hollow when you knock on them or give way completely when pushed.
  3. Your doors or windows may become harder to open – In the process of eating, termites create moisture and when wood gets wet, it swells. Sometimes a hard-to-open door or window could be an indication of termites.
  4. Look for the poop – this may sound funny but termites are fussy little creatures who don’t like to live in their own filth (who does?!), so they will often push their poop out of the nest creating piles of black, dusty looking droppings. This is one of the most common signs of a termite problem.

At the end of the day, if you are in any doubt and need a reliable pest control company in Perth, you can call Pesti Pest on 0412485957 and have them come and look for you and if necessary, treat the problem at the source.

Choosing a Pest Control Company in Perth

Choosing a Pest Control Company in Perth

If you google, “Pest control companies” in Perth, you’ll be overwhelmed with options. You may be shocked to know that there are over 1000 licensed pest control operators to choose from. This can be a daunting process but if you are armed with the right questions and you take your time and do your research, you will have your pests under control in no time.

The first and most obvious question you should ask is how long the business has been operating. Not to discount the newer businesses but there is a peace of mind that comes with industry experience and the level of knowledge that an established business has.

Don’t forget to ask for references. Any pest control business should be able to provide you with honest testimonies and reviews from previous clients and some simple online research can often equip you with some background about the company.

I don’t know about you but it is more and more important to me these days, to make sure the companies I use are environmentally aware and compliant. I want to know what the chemicals are that are being used in my home or business and how they impact my family or business as well as the environment. It is never a good idea to be uninformed when it comes to chemicals so make sure you ask what is being used and the rate it being used at.

It is also super important to ask about the guarantees or warranties that the work comes with. There is nothing worse than having your house sprayed for spiders only to find spiders in your laundry 3 months later and yes, I am speaking from experience. You will want to know how long the treatment should be effective for and what the company will do if it is unsuccessful. In terms of termites, it is also paramount that you ask about structural damage coverage. Should a pest control company come and treat your space for termites only to have them return and go on to cause actual, structural damage, you will want to know that the company has insurance coverage for that eventuality.

Of course, you will want to ask about prices and like any business, pest control companies prices will vary. Cheaper is not always better and likewise, high cost does not always equal a quality service. The cheaper option can often be less efficient, leaving you back where you started so be sure to ask the right pricing questions at crunch time.

You’ll need ask about how much time they will require. A lot of pest control companies in Perth will be booked up ahead of time so it is important that you ask how soon they can get to you and how long the actual job will take.

At the end of the day, the right combination of experience, price and personal preference will prevail and hopefully, finding your Perth pest control person will be a piece of cake.

Silverfish Treatment at an Affordable Price

Silverfish Treatment in Perth at an Affordable Price

You know how it is every year, you’re slightly embarrassed by the state of your wardrobe. Your half through your spring clean out and suddenly without warning an unsightly pest appears on your favourite Shirt, blouse or skirt. Sheesh! It’s enough to make your blood boil.

What I’m talking about is Silverfish; you know those putrid little bugs that just love any fabric! Some people refer to them as paper eaters and destroyers of books!

The big drama when you find one there’s bound to be a plethora of others. And if that’s the case you’ve got a mighty big job trying to get rid of them.

Pest Pesti Pest Control are your local Silverfish Treatment company all here in Perth. One good thing here is we love answering your common questions about this unsightly insect.

For instance…

What do Silverfish look like?

A small wingless insect about 20mm long (they have 6 legs) in the order Zygentoma , derives it’s name from its silvery grey colour and combining their wiggling motion is akin to how a fish moves. They feed on glue, photographs, sugar, dandruff, hair strands, dirt, books and book bindings.

What causes Silverfish in the first place?

They like to dwell in dark, damp areas such as sheds, attics, kitchens, and bathrooms when they come out to forage for food. They are especially attracted to paper and damp clothing – known as nocturnal pests where they move very swiftly from one area to the next. They destroy anything they feed on. Even though most damage is minimal, its valuable items such as legal documents , books, and photographs that is irreplaceable .

Fact is … Silverfish are widespread in Perth homes

How poisonous are Silverfish?

Although characterised by their creepy appearance, they are harmless and won’t bite you nor do they carry any diseases. Typically they will keep to themselves and stay out of your way. More often than not most humans consider them more a nuisance as they don’t want them around.

How to kill Silverfish naturally  – Part 1 – Home remedies

  1. Good old-fashioned soap – place in clothing drawers, wardrobes and linen cupboards
  2. Use Citronella Oil – Put  2 drops in an old towel and make sure it’s placed in a ziplock bag
  3. Whole cloves
  4. Sprinkle cedar shavings where they live.
  5. Use either fresh or dried Basil where Silverfish have been which works to drive them out

 How to kill Silverfish naturally  –  Part 2 – With repellents and insecticides

  • Boric acid
  • Apply repellents and insecticides
  • Buy a chemical spray containing liquid Pyrethrin

Why use Pesti Silverfish Treatment?

We offer exceptional Silverfish removal all of Perth by dusting your roof void, applying residual spray to internal skirting , inside cupboards and Pesti Gas on completion.

As you think about what you really need to get rid of Silverfish at your home you must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.



Use Pest Control To Protect Yourself From Bees and Wasps.

Regain Control of your Home or business by eliminating Bees and Wasps for good!

For many of us hearing the dreaded sound of a buzzing insect flying around our backyard is enough to send any normal person in a state of mild panic-especially when we are trying to have some outdoor fun.

If you live in Perth you’ll know our balmy and hot summer weather is a great bait for insects like mosquitoes to use our skin as a landing strip.

Get rid of Bees and Wasps









But jokes aside…

Unlike other pests they don’t wreak structural havoc to your home or business but it’s the fact they are capable of inflicting physical pain to your pets and loved ones.

But here comes a warning… if you think you can get rid of them just by swatting them then think again.

One of the best things to do now if you suspect bees and wasps around your home is DO NOT approach or attempt to treat the problem yourself. In the off chance you do end up getting stung and suffer from severe reactions like Vomitting, or Swelling of the tongue/throat  and raised pulse it’s imperative to get immediate Medical help.

So when it comes to controlling Bees and Wasps all across Perth it pays to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.  They offer cost-effective options for bee hive or wasp nest removals and can carry this out without any risk to your family or pets.

You might be wondering now, how many species of wasps and bees are there? Good question. But for Perth people you only need to worry about a few.

#3 Types of Bees and Wasps found in Western Australia

Honey Bee

Are responsible for creating and collecting pollen and nectar as food for the entire colony, and as they do, they pollinate plants. They use their stomachs to pass on the nectar from one worker to the next until the water within it diminishes. They are usually found  in hollow trees, chimneys, roof spaces, or tiny cavities and have the tendency to swarm in and will nest on a tree branch. A colony can consist of more than 30, 000 bees. A honey bee will only sting if it perceives that it’s hive is under threat.

European Wasp 

This species is renown as one of the world’s worst tempered and most aggressive type of wasp.

Bright yellow abdomen and black body in appearance they are 10-15mm in length.

European wasps attack bees and bee hives, robbing the hives of honey and prefer to nest in urban / industrialised areas and have been found in many suburbs around the Perth Metropolitan area.

Paper Wasp

The most common one found in Western Australia and unlike bees, these female wasps sting a target multiple times because their stinger does not fall off after use. They are longer and thinner in appearance to European Wasps and bees. Common places where they are found are usually in and around pergolas, eaves and shutters.

Why use our Pest Control Bee & Wasp Removal Services

We offer exceptional Bees and Wasps removal across all of Perth. For starters we will find the bee hives or wasp nests at your home or business and then remove the bee hive if it is accessible and move the hive to a more suitable area. The advantage of this is to protect the bee population in Perth Western Australia.

Wasp nests are generally destroyed to prevent larvae from maturing. Nests are treated with insecticide dust and we will residual spray associated areas to help prevent the insects return.

As you think about what you really need to get rid of Bees or Wasps at your home or business this summer you must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.


Who else wants to end nightmare Cockroach problems –instantly and for good?

When you think about cockroaches what words come to mind?




Creepy-Crawly… just to name a few

No doubt about it… They are a repulsive pest!

But as much as you hate to admit it , Cockroaches are incredibly adaptable creatures in more ways than one. How adaptable?  Read on:-

  1. They are older than Dinosaurs
  2. There are more than 4000 species of Cockroaches throughout the world
  3. They can eat just about anything from sweets , starchy food, and meats
  4. Imagine, they can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes so they are impossible to drown
  5. They can live for a week without their head!     Now if that hasn’t made your stomach churn by now I don’t know what will!

Fact is here in Australia the amount of Cockroaches invading homes has increased in the last 3 years. And that has a lot to do with the warmer, drier weather of recent years.

That’s why.

If you live in Perth one of Australia’s hottest capital cities your home or office is a prime target for a Cockroach infestation. It’s not every day that you have to worry about them but one of the alarming aspects to Cockroaches is they cause a plethora of illnesses which include diphtheria, salmonella food poisoning, dysentery, and hosts of others.

Just remember…

Before deciding what to do with Cockroaches your next to step is to clearly identify them.

How many cockroaches do we have to worry about in WA?

Thankfully here in Western Australia there are only 4 main types that are in existence.

According to  here are the main facts to identifying each particular type of cockroach.

  • German cockroach
  • American Cockroach
  • Australian Cockroach
  • Brown Banded Cockroach

The German cockroach

Is pale brown with two longitudinal streaks on the front part of the thorax.

Adults have wings but rarely fly

Length 12mm – 16mm

Found in homes, shops, food processing plants, restaurants

It prefers warm, humid environments. It shelters in cracks and crevices and avoids light


The American Cockroach

Is reddish-brown with a yellowish margin on the body region behind the head

Are fast-moving insects and scuttle for cover when disturbed.

Grows to 40mm in length

Prefers moist areas, but can live in dry areas with access to water

Often seen in gardens, around garbage, and in sheds or garages


Australian Cockroach

Is a large reddish-brown cockroach with yellow margin round the thorax and yellow edges to their front wings

A common pest in homes and can transmit disease by contaminating food

The antennae are long and the legs are spiky

Grows to 35mm in length

Common around urban and suburban areas, and often seen in and around homes, and gardens


Brown Banded Cockroach

Are glossy brown with two light bands of yellow or cream across the thorax and abdomen

Males have long wings as opposed to females who have shorter wings

Length 10mm to 15mm

Are an indoor pest that feeds on food scraps and material containing starch.


#6 Natural Home remedies to get rid of cockroaches

  1. Create a baking soda paste and apply it those roach prone areas
  2. Make a boric acid roach bait. Source: …
  3. Fill in cracks and holes using a Silicon caulking gun.
  4. Fabric Softener Spray
  5. Bay leaves
  6. Lemon Peels or Lemon Juice

Failing all of the above what do you do to get rid of these pests?

Most importantly there is no need to stress about the problem. Call Pesti Pest Control your local experts instead.


Why use Pesti Cockroach Control Services?

We offer exceptional cockroach control and service all of Perth. Quite simply …we are specialists in removing and controlling cockroach populations in Perth homes using a variety of methods including: Gel baiting cupboard and wet areas, flushing harbourage areas, dusting under fridges and dishwashers, treating all cracks and crevices, spraying skirting boards and treating the entire external perimeter of the house.

As you think about what you really need to get rid of Cockroaches in your home or office this summer you must begin to realise that you have only one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control Perth.


Now your kids can play in the backyard safely without fear of spiders

Now your kids can play in the backyard safely without fear of spiders

At Pesti Pest Control we will ensure your backyard is a fun and safe place to be this summer, free from spiders, so you can enjoy a few cold drinks with your mates and family.

You’ve seen them popularised in Hollywood movies but unsurprisingly the humble spider gets more attention than most other creatures in the animal kingdom. If the biggest fear about being bitten by one is that you could transform into Spiderman for a day then that would be the greatest boyhood dream.

So let’s take movies aside for a second.

Truth is Spider bites are an unpleasant experience for any person. So whether you are a young child, adult, or even the family pet the sight of seeing an itchy red stinging spot on your body is enough to cause major concern for anyone.

And even if you don’t get bitten by one just the sight of a Spider crawling around your home is enough to send shivers down the spine of any normally sane person. These eight legged arachnids are always good to bringing out our deepest anxiety and fears.

Perth plays host to some of the most venomous varieties:

The Redback is the most well-known Australian spider and found in all areas except the highest mountains and deep in the ocean.

Only Female bite is dangerous. The venom attacks the central nervous system causing intense pain, profuse sweating, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, violent convulsions and in severe cases  finally…Death.”

Since Redbacks rarely leave their web a human body part would have to touch their web directly to be on the receiving end of a bite because of their small jaws most bites are ineffective

Huntsman spiders are those big, hairy, scary, long-legged spiders we often find behind curtains, in the shower cubicle and under the car’s sun visor.

These timid creatures are harmless and will run from humans at lightning fast speeds.

The design of the legs allows the Huntsman to run sideways as well as forward.

Daddy Long-legs An ideal pet to keep in the house as they hunt, kill and eat Redback Spiders, House Spiders, Wolf Spiders and more. They have 3 body sections, not two like spiders, and their legs have seven sections which they can break off to surprise or distract a predator.

3 Things you can do to protect your family from a Spider invasion this summer:

  1. Before the onset of the hotter months spray under your eaves with a  professional surface spray  which will flush out spiders out of their hiding places
  2. Use a cobwebber to remove all webs in your outdoor patio areas and especially garages, pool fences, window frames & under fence capping
  3. Mix equal parts water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and spray any exposed cracks, door frames, or window frames with the solution.

Failing any of the above methods your next move is to call  our Spider Removal & Control Perth Team they are specialists in eradicating any infestation. Their pest control services includes dusting of the roof void were they commonly nest. We residual spray all external areas around gutters and eaves, along fence lines, pergolas, around windows and door frames and all other associated places where spiders are likely to live.

As you think about what you really need to rid your home of spider infestation you must begin to realise that you only have one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.


What you don’t know about Termite Pest Inspections could cost you!

What you don’t know about Termite Pest Inspections could cost you!

It’s nine o’clock in the morning. You’re really excited that it’s holiday time, with hubby and the kids, the Perth weather is heating up. Everything’s done.

You’ve got…

The kids ready

The suitcases

Mail re-directed

Even had time to drop off Holly, to the kennel.

It’s now 9.30am, and as your driving off to the airport there’s one thing that maybe you’ve forgotten.

Hmm! Let me see… The Last thing you want is for it to play out like a scene from Home Alone.

You turn to your hubby. “Oh Honey I forgot to get our Termite Pest Inspection done”. Just the thought of unwanted pests are enough to make you feel squeamish, let alone enjoying your holiday break.

Termite Treatment Perth

That’s why the team at Pesti Pest Control have your back covered. Not only do they want you to have a great holiday but also an enjoyable year around. When you invest in an annual Termite Inspection in Perth it’s the best remedy when it comes to treating unwanted pests like White ants, fleas, ticks, and all other annoying insects.

As you approach the warmer summer months you will have complete peace of mind that you have one less chore to worry about which is a major relief for all the busy couples and families.

Say if I don’t have a problem? Good question.

If there is no sign of a problem the technicians at Pesti Pest Control are very adept at giving you our customer great advice. That way you will be able to prevent termites damaging your home.

Pesti Pest Control works within the standards of AS 3660.2-2000. These standards are extremely thorough; they come with a complete and edifying report that includes a  12 month warranty duration. Pesti Pest Control has complete knowledge and hold on Timber pest biology, its lifecycles, habitats and ecological attributes. The main focus point is on termites, fungal decays along with wood borers that is a cause of distress for most people. This adds to the fact of making us one of the leaders in timber pest inspections in Perth.

Why call Pest Inspection Perth?

Quite simply.

Pesti Pest Control’s knowledge and continued education of Timber Pest biology life cycles, habitats and ecology is second to none. As one of Perth’s industry leaders in Timber Pest Inspections we know what to look out for when it comes to Termites, Fungal Decay and Wood Borers.

Don’t buy another property till you give Termite Inspection team in Perth a call!

It’s quite crucial before you buy your next Home, to make sure you give Pesti Pest Control Perth a call. We will inspect your house with accordance to the Australian standards AS 4349.3 – 2010.  Timber Pest Inspection.

Pesti Pest Control Perth can help you do a complete pest inspection for you before purchasing a house. By conducting this timber pest inspection, you can have complete insight on the house you are investing in. Pesti Pest Control Termite Inspection in Perth gives you peace of mind with our 12 month Warranty. If you find Termites in that period, we will offer a free termite inspection and termite control for free. From 2013 we can insure your property for Termite Damage up to 5 Years. Please contact us for more information.

Discover Our Termite Inspection Services

Can you imagine having a safe, and pest free home this year? Well the team at Pesti Pest Control wants you to have that by providing an, effective and personalised inspection service. Rest assured that no home is too big or small for the team at Pesti Pest Control. If you are thinking of having a termite inspection then contact the professionals at Pesti Pest Control.

Is your backyard an oasis or an Ant’s Best friend?

Is your backyard an oasis or an Ant’s Best friend?

Ant Control Perth

Here at Ant Pest Control Perth we know how much hard work goes into maintaining your outdoors.

That’s why for any proud homeowner you get excited when the backyard is looking spick- and- span. You’ve swept the brick paving and thrilled with the excellent job you’ve done.

By tomorrow morning your excitement will only be short-lived resulting in that deflated feeling once again. You discover all the messy soil sitting on your pavers is a result of those terrible Ants. They have been very busy indeed pushing their way from underneath your pavers to create their nests.

Incredibly they do this by having a dedicated army of soldiers and work in unison to win the battle of your patio, gardens, alfresco, and BBQ area.

Pretty frustrating isn’t it?

Unsurprisingly our team at Pesti Pest Control get calls across Perth every week to treat our clients Ant infestation problems.

They are on everyone’s radar as the #1 pest to get rid of.

Whilst Ants are far from a venomous insect if left untreated they are extremely difficult to completely remove.  Without doubt they are one of the most adaptable species on the planet with the innate ability of building their own nests and expanding it to a perfect size that suits their colony.

Are Ants capable of doing much damage? Good question.

To the average person it seems they are only capable of doing small amounts of damage but surprise – surprise they are capable of causing pavers to drop or become uneven from their burrowing action. Whilst Ants don’t have the destructive ability of Termites they are capable of travelling to other areas quite easily as they can get through the tiniest of cracks and enter areas that aren’t visible.

# 3 Things you can do to prevent them from entering inside your house

  1. Ensure you seal all gaps around downpipes with a waterproof sealant.
  2. Ensure you fill all gaps and holes with silicon wherever tiles meet your kitchen benchtop
  3. Clean up all food matter from paved and internal floors

What Measures can you take to stop them?

Whilst it’s a good idea to take some temporary measures to treat Ant infestations yourself such as pouring boiling hot water or sprinkling Ant repellent powder bought from your local hardware store. Chances are pretty high this won’t deter the colony at all.  You will find that the vast number of the colony will stay safe in their makeshift tunnel and easily migrate to another area in just a few weeks.

 How Skilled is an Ant Colony?

Their organisational skills as a colony are remarkable; they distinctly divide labour and form groups to get their work done. When these ants form an infestation, it gets difficult to handle them because you have to deal with a whole colony.  The colony will have many entrances and exits that come up from around your home and are often seen entering into your kitchen and through the roof.

Call In The Professionals

We sepcialise in Ant Pest Control  servicing all of Perth, our technicians have many years experience and are highly skilled in treating Ant infestations.  Specifically what we do is firstly dust the roof void and accessible cavities, treat the external perimeter of you house and flood treat your paved areas.

Pesti then directly targets nests and trails placing ant bait when necessary to cut out any ant colonies around your home.

As you think about what you really need to rid your home of invasive Ants you must begin to realise that you only have one choice to make, and that is to call the professionals at Pesti Pest Ant Control Perth.


At last Rodent Control Perth treatment at reasonable prices

Did you know that while you’re fast sleep there’s one intruder that does the most damage?

You’re probably thinking with a state of the art monitored security system, how could any intruder get through?

Good question.

But seriously. You know what’s worse than a Burglar – A pesky Rodent.

Perth Rodent Control

Since they are a nocturnal mammal they love sneaking around your house inconspicuously carrying out their destructive work. When most people think of Rodents they think of Rats & mice but it also includes squirrels, hamsters, and porcupines.

So whether you have lived in a country town or the city chances are pretty high that you’ve had an unpleasant encounter. Part of the problem with most rats; they can transmit numerous diseases like Salmonella, rabies and typhus, via their droppings, urine, and even harm your pets with a direct bit as well as carrying fleas.

Finding a cosy spot in your house is relatively easy for most Rats as they can easily pass through a hole or gap as small as 12mm where mice can even squeeze through 6mm gaps wide. They seek to build nests for their young, and are capable of producing ten or more pups every three weeks under ideal conditions.

What are the #5 signs of a Rodent problem?

You do have a serious problem on your hands if you see the following.

  • Rat droppings around your home,
  • Brown stains on your walls,
  • Noises in the dark (such as scratching sounds in the roof)
  • Evidence of gnawing
  • Nests or piled nesting materials in hidden areas.

What damage can they do to your property?

Rodents often cause damage to property and homes through their continuous gnawing action.  They often chew through electrical cabling which can cause fires through exposed electrical wiring.  There is often damage to decorative and other timbers in roofs, walls, skirting boards and ceilings. Rats and mice often destroy vegetable gardens and fruit crops in backyard gardens.

Here’s how you can solve your Rodent problems instantly and for good!

Now if you have tried every single preventive measure such as leaving traps and baits and the infestation still exists you should call the professionals at Pesti Rodent Control Perth now. Their technicians are highly qualified on how to quickly and easily remove rodents from your home.

First they will discuss your situation with you and then carry out a routine inspection of your property which is then followed by placing the bait stations in carefully chosen locations.

For successful control of rat and mouse populations, one needs to know where these rats and mice are nesting, travelling and feeding.  Correct placement of traps or baits based on typical rodent behaviour is critical to achieving the desired result.

For Best Results Pesti Rodent Control Perth recommends

You prepare for your rodent treatment as follows, to minimise the risk of re-infestation:

  • Store all pantry items in plastic containers – especially grains and flours
  • Keep pet food and water bowls clean when not in use
  • Store all pet foods in containers with tight-fitting lids

As you think about what you really need to rid your home of Rodents you must begin to realise that you only have one choice to make, and that is to invest in a Pesti Rodent Control Perth treatment.

It’s a small price to pay when you think about the destructive damage these pesky mammals can do.

Contact the Professionals at Pesti Pest Control NOW.