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Spider Pest Control in Perth

Most people are afraid of spiders. Even when we know they can't hurt us, our feelings can range from dislike to outright terror. In Western Australia, there are hundreds of species of spiders. However, only a few really pose serious risks to humans and pets. In...

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Mice and Rat Control in Perth

To us humans, there’s nothing as frustrating as knowing we’re harbouring vermin in our homes. Mice and rats, especially, are a bane to households as they not only destroy or gnaw into things, but can also carry disease-causing pathogens. Therefore, it makes sense to...

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Mosquito Pest Control in Perth

Mosquitoes are among the most harmful pests there are as they pose health risks to both humans and animals. Because of this, humans have always sought to exterminate them. Wherever you are in Perth or beyond, the most effective way of getting rid of them is by...

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Bee and Wasp Control in Perth

Bee and wasp populations pose a threat to humans when their hives and nests are located in places where humans live. If you notice individual bees or wasps in your neighbourhood, be on the lookout for bigger groups and swarms.  If you find any hives or nests in...

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What you need to know about Australian House Spiders

We share this part of the planet with some of the deadliest and scariest animals. Ranging from massive, redback to white-tailed species, Australian House spiders fall in the category of the most venomous species in the world. They possess cocktails of chemical...

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How to treat house for termites?

Australia is home to hundreds of termite species, of which about 20 eat through wood and cause damage. Treating a termite-infested area needs an incorporated strategy which includes: Tracking down and destroying the termite nestKilling termites inside the wooden...

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Do termites nest in the ground?

Yes. But, where a colony decides to build and live depends on their source of moisture, food, and protection. Note that both above-ground and subterranean termite nests protect the colonies and rear the offspring.

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How to deter rats?

Seeing rats running around your house can be very upsetting. Rats will grasp any chance to enter your house in search of food and shelter. For this reason, you should make your home as unattractive to rodents as possible. Here are some ways to fend off rats and avoid...

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