Choosing a Pest Control Company in Perth

Choosing a Pest Control Company in Perth If you google, “Pest control companies” in Perth, you’ll be overwhelmed with options. You may be shocked to know that there are over 1000 licensed pest control operators to choose from. This can be a daunting process but if you...

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Silverfish Treatment at an Affordable Price

Silverfish Treatment in Perth at an Affordable Price You know how it is every year, you’re slightly embarrassed by the state of your wardrobe. Your half through your spring clean out and suddenly without warning an unsightly pest appears on your favourite Shirt,...

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Use Pest Control To Protect Yourself From Bees and Wasps

Regain Control of your Home or business by eliminating Bees and Wasps for good! For many of us hearing the dreaded sound of a buzzing insect flying around our backyard is enough to send any normal person in a state of mild panic-especially when we are trying to have...

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Is your backyard an oasis or an Ant’s Best Friend?

Is your backyard an oasis or an Ant’s Best Friend? Here at Ant Pest Control Perth we know how much hard work goes into maintaining your outdoors. That’s why for any proud homeowner you get excited when the backyard is looking spick- and- span. You’ve swept the brick...

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At last Rodent Control Perth treatment at reasonable prices

Did you know that while you’re fast sleep there’s one intruder that does the most damage? You're probably thinking with a state of the art monitored security system, how could any intruder get through? Good question. But seriously. You know what's worse than a Burglar...

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Enjoy The Weather With A Pest Free Summer

NOW you too can have a PEST FREE Summer! Here at Pesti Pest Control Perth we know how important it is to shake those winter blues away and get ready for West Aussies favourite time of the year - summer. Sitting by the pool and kicking back with a couple of icy cold...

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Great Flea Treatment Tips by Veterinarian

Our dear friend Dr.Claire brought us a few excellent flea control tips. Those great tips can be very useful when it comes to flea treatments with pets, It is highly recommended to pet owners to try out these tips. Flea season would appear to be upon us, I've seen 2...

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