It’s Spring Cleaning Time – For Pests!

We’ve come out of winter now here in Perth, and enjoying the extra hours of daylight, the chirping of baby birds, the bright Spring blooms of your garden… and not enjoying the multitude of pests that come with the warmer months of the year. As the temperature rises,...

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Bees in Perth: What You Need To Know

Spring has sprung, the wildflowers are in bloom and gardens all over Perth are buzzing with busy little bees doing two very important jobs: spreading pollen, and making delicious honey. Bees form a vital part of the ecosystem, but unfortunately, all that sweetness...

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Know Your Spiders, Perth!

Australia is renowned internationally for its venomous spiders: from the world’s allegedly most dangerous spider the Sydney Funnel-Web, to the utterly creepy Australian Tarantula and many more. While most of the thousands of spider species living in this country – and...

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Tramp Ants and our Environment in Perth

TRAMP ANTS AND THE ENVIRONMENT What is a “tramp ant” and why are they potentially an environmental issue? With so many species of ants in Australia, it is important to know a little bit about each species and the impact that they can have on your lifestyle as well as...

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Ant Control VS Ant Treatment In Perth

Ant Control VS Ant Treatment Ants are a tricky little pest for any pest control company in Perth or in Australia for that matter. There are a huge variety of species that we contend with here in the West, each one capable of different levels of disruption/damage. Ants...

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Ants In Perth – The not so “garden variety” pest

ANTS IN PERTH The not so “garden variety” pest Chances are, if you live in Perth, you have encountered ants somewhere in your life. Whether they’ve invaded your perfectly nice picnic, or set up shop under your kitchen sink, ants are a common pest around here and the...

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Now is the best time to get Bedbug Treatment in Perth, WA

Now is the best time to get Bedbug Treatment in Perth, WA One thing is for sure Bed Bugs are not a new phenomenon as they’ve been around for thousands of years. Contrary to popular belief Bed Bugs don’t discriminate; whether you live in an affluent area or a poorer...

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Know Your Termites In Perth

KNOW YOUR TERMITES We all know what termites are? Right? Wrong! Chances are, there is a lot more to these tiny but potentially devastating little bugs than you realise. Termites (or white ants as they are sometimes referred to) are a pervasive and common pest here in...

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