Things you should know about Perth white ant termites

Pests never seem to completely go away no matter what you do, and most often than not, your methods do not work because you’re using the wrong method on a specific pest or you’re not sure what kind of pest is infesting your home. A lot of home owners get confused especially with insects as some of them look very similar except for some distinct features, and if you’re not an expert, you can get confused pretty easily.

This article will inform you of some important facts about white ant termites and how to easily recognize them so it will be easier for you to detect a termite infestation in your home.

1. A white ant termite comes in varying forms and appearances, depending on the role. In a colony, there is a worker, a soldier, the eggs, the queen and the swarmers. The queen produces eggs that mature into workers and soldiers as the colony grows. As the name suggests, soldiers guard the colony’s nest against attackers or invaders like ants. They have a larger head than workers and are fewer in number, but they have strong jaws.

2. White Termites are in constant need of water. When their surrounding dries out, they die. They mostly need water for their nesting place to help them build mounds. Otherwise, they mix their saliva with the soil.

3. Their mounds can go as high as 20 feet tall. Subterranean termites nest underground or above the ground. They can dig through a mud tunnel to find food sources. Colonies can live for long years and may grow a million individuals in one colony. Termites build intricate galleries and chambers inside their mounds and place their queen and king in a special cell in a deep part of the mound.

4. The queen is bigger than the king. A colony is established when a queen decides to join a mating swarm. The queen maintains and increases the population of the colony. After mating, she stays in one spot to lay eggs and her body expands as she produces around 2,000 eggs per day. A queen white ant termite can live up to 25 years.

How to get rid of white ant termites in your home

White ant termites are irritating pests which can cause great damage to homes and buildings, especially those that are made largely of wood. These pale-coloured insects can nest in your home and build a colony of white ant termites. If not prevented, they can immediately occupy a big space in your house.

There are a few important things to consider before actually terminating this varied species. Termites must have constant access to water. They immediately die when they dry out. They are detritus feeders so they mostly feed on waste or debris of any kind such as organic matter like wood, but also house foundations, furniture, shelves, and even books. Once they establish a nesting mound, they construct elaborate tunnels and paths inside especially for their queen.

Termite infestation usually begins when warm temperatures or heavy rainfall occurs. This triggers them to establish a colony and send out a swarm of winged termites to reproduce and find a new queen.

Swarmers are usually mistaken for flying ants, but a winged termite has a broader body and even pairs of wings as opposed to an ant’s body that has a narrow waist. Their antennae are also straight whereas ants have bent or elbowed antennae.

Some people prefer to do the barrier method where they spray the outdoor area surrounding their home with poison to prevent the termites from entering their inside. Others think that focusing on putting poison on already swarmed areas is helpful, but termites can easily find another entry point to enter your house one way or another, so it’s better to poison all areas, including little holes where these pests can still lead their entire colony.

This is more of a preventive act than a cure. This is an expensive treatment but works for many. You will need a professional to help you get this method done.

Another method to prevent termites from infesting your home is by baiting them. Termite baits can consist of paper, cardboard, wood or other termite food, mixed with a lethal substance. Using a specific pen ink to lead them to your bait can also help.

The pheromone substance in the ink that mimics the smell from foods they feed on highly attracts these termites. You can station your bait wherever appropriate, like nearby their colony, which can be in a mud tube or feeding site. This method as it is quite complicated, should be carried out by a qualified pest control specialist.

Bad cases of White Ant Termites reported in Perth

White ant termites have pale, soft, and small bodies. They reside with a colony either in wood or in a soil, including wall cavities in houses and commercial establishments. When the infestation is not prevented quick enough, this can result in major damage to the household or in business establishments.

These pests mostly need damp or wet areas to build their homes so they usually stay underground. Otherwise, they use their own saliva to mix with the soil and construct a mound. Once a colony settles on a spot, that spot will be noticeably wet. In early spring or summer, a colony can produce a lot of variants to reproduce and spread the species. They usually swarm on walls, which at this stage is easily noticeable. Swarming will only last for an hour or so, in which warmers are not harmful and they can easily be ridden off using a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Recent surveys show that around one-third of unprotected properties in Australia are under the risk of being attacked by white ant termites. As more houses are built up, so can termites also find hidden entry points or wall cavities to reside in and nest their colonies.

For their homes, they can build a mound of soil up to 20 feet tall or 6 meters. They can also construct underground tunnels, which are used to collect ford and for the use of food sources. Their preference are cellulose timbers as far as 100 meters. In conclusion, termites can destroy a lot of timber and cause damage to a house or a building’s foundation.

White ant termites in Australia are said to cause damages to homes more than calamities such as fire, floods or storms. On top of that, home insurance does not cover damages made by these pale-coloured pests, or the costs to repair these damages. If your house is made entirely of wood, this can result to greater repair works.

Damages done by white ant termites are widespread all over Australia, not just in Perth, and these insects have a high rate of attack incidence in virtually all the urban areas in the country.

Exterminating fleas in Perth suburbs

Fleas are an annoyance to both humans and pets and local households in Perth do not feel any different about it. Flea bites not only itch and burn, they leave red, swollen patches on the skin, similar to mosquito bites, and nest on pets’ furs, causing more unwanted fleas population. They leave more than one bite mark on the skin and it stays as is for several weeks despite ointment applications and first-aid treatments.

For pets, this may result to major hair loss caused by sever scratching and biting. It can also cause anemia or blood loss in some cases. Adult fleas feed on blood first before they can reproduce. But because they can feed on blood notoriously, it’s easy for them to reproduce with an average of 20 eggs. More often than not, fleas nest their eggs on the host’s back, which causes it to easily roll down the ground. This gives fleas higher chance to reproduce more.

Fleas come in different classifications from low risk to the down right annoying. To this day, over 2,000 species have been recognised around the world.

How to locate a flea infestation in your home

Fleas can live well beyond a year under ideal conditions, which consists of the right temperature, sufficient food supply, and proper humidity. Without these survival tools an adult flea can only live for two to three months at most.

Mostly living in nest on their hosts, deep inside an animals fur, human hair, clothing, or carpets. Their hard, minute bodies, supported with abundant hairs and short spines allow them to move through hairs, feathers, or carpets with ease.

How to ensure complete flea elimination

A flea’s body can resist great pressure that even simply mashing or squeezing them between your hands won’t easily kill them. Spraying the household with insecticides helps in killing the eggs, as well as repeated vacuuming. Ensure that not only the common areas are vacuumed, but all over the house, including carpets and floors.

Research says that disposing the bag immediately after every vacuum session rids of more fleas. Vacuuming is also very useful and effective as studies claim that it can kill up to 96% of adult fleas and 100% of younger fleas.

Doing this consumes a lot of time and requires you to spend a lot of money. For best results, it’s still best to call a Pest Control Company in Australia to help you get rid of these pests, that not only harms us and out pets, but harms our homes as well.

Exterminating Termites in Perth and surrounding areas

Termites are small dark coloured insects that live in large colonies with a number of different casts that usually live in a mound of earth. Termites are often confused with ants because of the similarity in their structures. Most of them feed on wood and are extremely destructive to plants and lumber based products, but they also have a good effect on nature as they help get rid of dead wood.

On the other hand, they are difficult to handle once they start attacking homes. This is especially hard as they are secretive and keep themselves hidden from sight. Termites feed mostly on woods and other insects but do not bite human and leave infections or diseases.

Other types of termites are Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan, Subterranean, and Conehead.

How to locate a termite infestation in your home

As one research study recently proved, termites infest a lot of households in Australia and one of the cities highly infested is Perth. Termites are known as silent destroyers because of the way they hide and live in secluded areas without leave a trace of destruction or any damage.

Termites feed on cellulose-based plant materials and there are a lot of objects that can provide this kind of substance. They can bite through wood, which cause a huge damage for most household items such as furniture, tables, shelves, or even books.

In particular, subterranean termites form around residential homes in the grounds soil. They build tunnels to pass through, which give them access to different surrounding homes in the area.

On the other hand, drywood termites live on wood which they feed on and infest house walls and furniture at times as well.

Swarming termites, another type of the insect, are highly attracted to light and so they are more active during the daytime. This type of termites builds their colonies and often transfers breeding sites to spread infestation through several locations.

How to ensure complete termite elimination

There are simple steps any household in Australia can do to prevent termites from further damaging their homes. To rid of this persistent threat, families can dispose moisture substances and objects termites commonly feed on. This will help them be a lesser target for these pests.

Some steps which you can do fix moisture problems in your home is the following: repair leaks and water pipes, clean gutters and downpipes religiously, get rid of excess plants, and seal water pipes and utility lines to avoid termites from coming through and inside the house.

All of these preventive and repair tips are useful for termites from further infesting homes, but as it is meticulous and might not be feasible without the help of a professional. By contacting a Pest Control Company near you, quick and effective solutions can be provided with less time but more proficiency.

Exterminating bedbugs in Perth

Bedbugs are small, brown insects which feed on human and animal blood for survival. They have bodies the size of an apple seed, flat in size when they are unfed and swollen and red after a meal. They produce a distinct smell through their glands on the bottom portion of their bodies. Bedbugs are not capable of flying, but they have a rapid pace and the ability to crawl on walls, floors, and ceilings.

Bedbug eggs, called nymphs and are easy to identify with their white color and speck-like composition. They feed on blood first before shedding skin up to five times. They can reproduce quickly by being fully developed in a span of one month and produce three or more generations per year.

How to locate a bedbug infestation in your home

Bedbugs enter homes through bags, clothes, mattresses, couches, and other items. Their flat bodies make it possible for them to fit through tiny holes as thin as a card. Unlike other insects that build nests, bedbugs build hiding places in beds, under mattresses, headboards, inside bed springs, and bed frames where they are given easy access to feed on human blood at night.

Bedbugs bite people and humans to feed on their blood but do not destroy or damage household items, unlike other pests. But you can find them anywhere, whether the place is tidy or filthy. They are nocturnal insects and bite people while they are asleep.

How to ensure complete bedbug elimination

Bedbugs have spread worldwide and Perth in Australia is one of the cities infested by them. There are many methods and first-aid treatments at the first sight of a bedbug infestation and or bite, but it is recommended for households to immediately report incidents to a pest control company near the area and hire professionals who have experience exterminating bedbugs.

Local professionals that perform a comprehensive strategy are best used, compared to those which don’t and ensure that they don’t just do menial methods such as spraying pesticides. Pest control specialists can assist in getting rid of bedbugs and ensure that they stay away for good.

How to get rid of home invading ants in Perth and local areas

Before you can begin the process of ant removal you need to identify the type of ant which is invading your home or property. There are a number of different steps in which you can take to find this out such as looking at their nesting habits to try and determine where they might be living.

This information is very handy to know as it will allow you to accurately inform a pest control professional, who can make an expert assessment of your ant infestation. The pest exterminator will be able to let you know the exact type of ant and discuss removal plans with you.

Reasons for local Perth ant infestations

Ants usually invade homes or offices for one reason alone and that is food. Ants just like humans get hungry and the food item they most enjoy eating is sugary and greasy food stuff.

One of the most common types of ants in Australia which is regularly exterminated by Perth pest control companies is the sugar ant. As they are the most common pests to find in your home, they are known to regularly show up around spring time.

Another typical ant variety which is known to invade homes looking for food is the black coloured ant. These ants are known to set up colonies which are near your home’s driveway or backyard patio area.

Working together with military precision, black ants send out scouts to search for food items in and around your home.

They will eat many different food types including meats, seeds, sticky and greasy foods as well as other dead insects. As the black ant is larger than the common sugar ant, they can bite if disturbed.

Why hiring a Perth pest control specialist is a smart idea

When your home or office only has a few ants you can take care of the extermination yourself, but when you have a large infestation on your hands it’s a good idea to call a specialist in. By using a local Perth pest control company, you can receive the assistance from a pest removal professional.

A pest control specialist will be able to locate the ant colony by laying bait traps around the visible areas where ants can be seen coming and going from. These traps contain poisoned food like items inside of them and are perfect for the ants to come, collect and take back to their colony.

This will be followed up by a technical procedure of spraying chemicals around those areas which will eliminate the ants from your residence.

Professional Perth based pest control companies are able to provide to local residents and business owners effective methods of ant removal and permanent extermination.

The methods used and techniques are effective and long lasting ensuring that pesky ants don’t return or spread to other areas of your office of home.

Exterminating cockroaches in Perth and surrounding areas

So you home has been infected with cockroaches but you are unsure of how to go about removing them? Don’t worry you are not alone. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests which invade homes all around the world and here in Perth they are quite a common problem.

Recent studies have reported that cockroaches are one of the most common indoor pests found in Australian homes and this will continue occurring as homes are the perfect source of water and food which cockroaches need for reproduction.

On average cockroaches come in different sizes and varieties but there are three main types. These are known as the Oriental, American and most common the German cockroach.

How to locate a cockroach infestation in your home

When trying to determine the source of an infestation in your home, there are several techniques which a pest control professional will use to discover the source.

By working with the homeowner, they will be able to search ideal hiding spots such as behind and under the refrigerator, inside cupboards, near drainage pipes and even inside cracks on the skirting board.

The home owner can help to reduce the cockroach attractants, by ensuring that food dishes, drains, rubbish bins and table tops, are free of food residue and stains, well cleaned and that all food items are stored properly.

Another hiding place that cockroaches like is hiding under furniture in your home and inside of electrical appliances.

Cockroaches which come from outdoors enter your home through open windows and under doors or cracks in the walls.

How to ensure complete cockroach elimination

When it comes to elimination there are a few steps which you can take yourself before calling in a local Perth area pest control expert. The first step is sanitation. Always ensure that your home’s floors are kept clean and one of the easiest ways of doing this is by using a vacuum cleaner.

Dirt and food crumbs are often hard to spot when they are on the floor and this is one of the main food sources which cockroaches are attracted to.

By using the nozzle on your vacuum cleaner, you can get into cracks and tight areas where roaches like to hide during the daytime. Studies have shown that even the smallest amounts of dropped food can be enough to feed a nest of cockroaches and keep them alive for at least a month.

Handling a cockroach infestation on your own is difficult and the poison sprays which you can buy on the shelf at your local supermarket are not as powerful and effective as what the pest control professionals use.

The only true way in which you can guarantee that your cockroach problem is solved is by picking up the phone and speaking to a local Perth based pest control expert.

Once at your home they will be able to offer effective treatment solutions and together with you through consultations, work out the best course of action to permanently remove cockroaches from your home.

European Wasps Spreading in Perth, WA

The European Wasp, or Vespula germanica, has been sighted increasingly here in Perth, WA.

This species is known to be one of the world’s worst tempered and most aggressive type of wasp.

The European Wasp is identified by these main characteristics:

  • have a more rounded / stout body – regular wasps have longer, more slender bodies
  • hold their legs up closer to their body when in flight – regular wasps tend to dangle their legs.
  • have black antennae – regular wasps have more orange or brown antennae
  • European wasps are more attracted to meats – any wasp hanging around pet food or bbq meats should be treated with caution and a pest controller notified as there may be a nest nearby.

European wasps prefer to nest in urban / industrialised areas and have been found in many suburbs around the Perth Metropolitan area.

News Update: March 3, 2015
WA Today – European Wasps Conquer Perth

Pesti Pest Control offer wasp nest and bee hive removal services in Perth WA

Please contact us if you have seen wasps on your property.