Things you should know about Perth white ant termites

Pests never seem to completely go away no matter what you do, and most often than not, your methods do not work because you’re using the wrong method on a specific pest or you’re not sure what kind of pest is infesting your home. A lot of home owners get confused especially with insects as […]

How to get rid of white ant termites in your home

White ant termites are irritating pests which can cause great damage to homes and buildings, especially those that are made largely of wood. These pale-coloured insects can nest in your home and build a colony of white ant termites. If not prevented, they can immediately occupy a big space in your house. There are a […]

Bad cases of White Ant Termites reported in Perth

White ant termites have pale, soft, and small bodies. They reside with a colony either in wood or in a soil, including wall cavities in houses and commercial establishments. When the infestation is not prevented quick enough, this can result in major damage to the household or in business establishments. These pests mostly need damp […]

Exterminating fleas in Perth suburbs

Fleas are an annoyance to both humans and pets and local households in Perth do not feel any different about it. Flea bites not only itch and burn, they leave red, swollen patches on the skin, similar to mosquito bites, and nest on pets’ furs, causing more unwanted fleas population. They leave more than one […]

Exterminating Termites in Perth and surrounding areas

Termites are small dark coloured insects that live in large colonies with a number of different casts that usually live in a mound of earth. Termites are often confused with ants because of the similarity in their structures. Most of them feed on wood and are extremely destructive to plants and lumber based products, but […]

Exterminating bedbugs in Perth

Bedbugs are small, brown insects which feed on human and animal blood for survival. They have bodies the size of an apple seed, flat in size when they are unfed and swollen and red after a meal. They produce a distinct smell through their glands on the bottom portion of their bodies. Bedbugs are not […]

How to get rid of home invading ants in Perth and local areas

Before you can begin the process of ant removal you need to identify the type of ant which is invading your home or property. There are a number of different steps in which you can take to find this out such as looking at their nesting habits to try and determine where they might be […]

Exterminating cockroaches in Perth and surrounding areas

So you home has been infected with cockroaches but you are unsure of how to go about removing them? Don’t worry you are not alone. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests which invade homes all around the world and here in Perth they are quite a common problem. Recent studies have reported that […]

European Wasps Spreading in Perth, WA

The European Wasp, or Vespula germanica, has been sighted increasingly here in Perth, WA. This species is known to be one of the world’s worst tempered and most aggressive type of wasp. The European Wasp is identified by these main characteristics: have a more rounded / stout body – regular wasps have longer, more slender […]