Ant Control


Ants are an incredibly adaptive species, and are capable of building their nests in a wide-range of settings. more »
Bedbug Treatment


Bed bugs bodies are thin and flattened, allowing them to hide in narrow cracks and crevices. more »
Flea Control


Fleas are usually found in pet bedding areas. Wild animals nesting in structures can also create indoor flea populations. more »


Pesti help stop millipede infestations using safe chemical applications. more »
Silverfish Treatment


Silverfish are a small wingless insect whose name comes from its silvery grey color. more »
Termite Inspection


Pesti provide a safe, effective and personalised termite service as every property is different. more »
Spider Control


Spiders usually live in dry, dark, sheltered areas that are rarely disturbed. more »


Cockroaches can be harmful to humans, especially if there is a large infestation more »
Rodent Control


Rats and Mice can carry a range of serious diseases transmittable to your family and fleas to your Pets. more »

Pest Control Perth – Great Monthly Specials Available Today

Photo: spider pest controlPesti Pest Control in Perth are a professionally licensed pest control company that aims it’s services towards delivering clean and pest free homes and commercial premises. We provide a wide range of services that includes full house and premises inspections for termites, cockroaches, ants, and rodents .

Our professional Perth pest control team is focused on eradicating all infestations in your home or commercial property. We tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. The treatments we provide are environmentally safe and effective for all kinds of pest removal. If you think that you may have a pest infestation, we offer a free inspection service throughout Perth and will provide you with all details of our findings.
Our services include Bee Removal, Ant Control, Cockroach Control, Sil
verfish Treatments, Termite Inspection, Prevention and Extermination, Spiders, Flea Treatment, Bed Bugs Treatment, Portuguese Millipedes Control and of course Rodent control.
If you’re looking for a team of professional and highly experienced pest control specialists, you’ve made the right choice. Contact Pesti Pest Control today on 0412 485 957.


Pesti is Safe

Our first priority is to ensure that no harm comes to you, your children or your pets.

Pesti is licensed by the WA Health Department to undertake pest management operations throughout Perth and WA in all domestic buildings, schools and day-care centres.

This means we only use compounds that have been authorised by government under the most stringent safety conditions.

Pesti is Effective

Pests are unwelcome in our homes, and can be dangerous to our health and our property.

We use tried and tested expert techniques that not only remove existing pests fast, but also prevent them returning.

By breaking the breeding cycle and protecting the boundaries of your home, our treatments give you extended relief from these unpleasant and worrying intruders.

Pesti is Effective

Pests are unwelcome in our homes, and can be dangerous to our health and our property.

We use tried and tested expert pest control techniques that not only remove existing pests fast, but also prevent them returning.

By breaking the breeding cycle and protecting the boundaries of your home, our treatments give you extended relief from these unpleasant and worrying intruders.

Pesti is Personalised

Every home is different, so it’s important that our pest controllers thoroughly check your home before we undertake treatment.

That’s why we offer all our Perth customers a personalised individual assessment of the threats to your property, with help and advice on how to keep your home safe and secure from the pests that attack your neighbourhood.

Pesti is Professional

Pesti is your fully professional perth pest control operation that offers a number of different service opportunities to home owners, real-estate property managers, commercial buildings and strata-title companies.
These include long-term servicing contracts that give total security and peace of mind, with the Pesti assurance that problems are addressed long before they become apparent to tenants and unit-holders.

Pesti is Economical

Unfortunately, many pests that we find throughout Perth such as termites are able to conceal their presence until long after serious damage has occurred.

Pesti operators are trained to spot the subtle signs that indicate treatment is necessary, and by preventing major damage to structural timbers, can save you thousands of dollars in later building repairs and resale problems.

Our personalised assessment service means that we won’t undertake services that you don’t need, and that’s also good for the environment. By working with Pesti, you make sure that your home stays pest-free, at the most economical price.

For more information on our Perth pest control services contact Pesti today!


What are pests?
What are pests?
Pests often cause problems when located in areas in your home or office where they are unwanted, with rats, ants, cockroaches, mice, and termites examples of these. Pests are often a nemesis to humanity taking shelter here.

There must be a robust pest control solution to avoid pests from multiplying themselves in your homes or offices as pests are everywhere, and are always searching for new places to nest.

Pests not only look bad, but they can cause serious damage to your home.
When you notice a high activity of certain insects in and around your home, it suggests a possible infestation of that type of pest. Such an observation signifies that it is time to look for a professional pest control service.
Termites, ants, rats, bed bugs, wasps, mice, cockroaches are among the most common pests in Australia. Most of these pests can carry diseases, making them dangerous added to their destructive and unsightly nature.
Unwanted guests such as termites can cause serious damage to homes and therefore, it is important to control these pests at the onset to protect you in the event of extensive house damage.

Trust on the effective methods of Pest Control
An effective method of pest management is pest control. This kind of pest management entails many steps. It is crucial to call in the service of an experienced pest control company as it will ensure that any possible future damage is mitigated.
At Pesti Pest Control Perth, we make use of high-quality pest control equipment that are not only effective in controlling and exterminating pests, but are also environmentally friendly.

Don’t wait until it is too late.
Experience has shown that people sometimes delay hiring the services of a Pest control company because of ignorance, they feel the pest activity is standard or to avoid paying service fees. However, this type of decision is most times detrimental to the homes of these individuals.
To avoid an instance where pest infestation has reached its advanced stage do yourself a favor and call a Pest control company such as ourselves.

We can deal with any and all types of pest problems
If you are looking for a domestic or commercial pest control service, you should look for a supplier who can deal with all the most frequent local pests: ants, rats, mice, wasps, bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, and termites.
All these kind of pest can post serious problems if they get a foothold in your home, making it necessary to deal with a recognized professional such as Pesti Pest Control Perth. We are experts in handling pest issues.
Contact us today.
With Pesti Pest Control Perth we offer quick response times, adhere to all or any suitable pest control regulations and agree to be responsible for everything.
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Cockroach Control
Cockroaches can cause varieties of illnesses which include diphtheria, salmonella food poisoning, dysentery, and others. In addition they produce or emit intolerable odors, and therefore should be removed from your home as soon as possible.
Fortunately, we are cockroach control experts, and have the skills and resources to remove any and all cockroaches from your home and have them not return again for a long period of time.

Bed Bugs Control
Bed bugs are wingless parasites small-about ¼ inch fully grown that are usually found in beds and another area.
Capturing and squashing them may reduce the number of bugs if done over and over again but killing bed bugs by hand is not 100% efficient. This is where we come in. Pesti Pest Control has the most effective techniques to remove bed bugs once and for all so you can have a good night’s sleep.

Termite Treatment
Termites can be extremely detrimental to the integrity of your home, and should be taken care of immediately. There are many varieties of termite treatments available to houses, therefore, how will you know the one that is best for your home?
Each home is distinctive. Therefore, treatment should be personalized accordingly, and we will do just that. By contacting a termite specialist such us ourselves, we will plan out an appropriate and effective termite treatment plan that is fit for your home.

Rodent Control
Rodents look, smell and sound terrible, and are not nice guests to have in your home or office, often carrying diseases and other unwanted things.
Traps are a non-toxic method of rodent control and are very effective when used correctly, however the achievement of this method

Ants Control
There are varieties of ant control approaches that can be used to minimize ant population in your home, however at Pesti Pest Control we use only the most advanced. Our Treatment control includes environmentally friendly chemical based sprays, gels and granules.
The active ingredients in these products are much safer for your family and pets. Our treatments will provide ongoing protection against forthcoming ant infestation, with our Perth Pest Control experts having all of the skills and knowledge to take care of the problem.